Heather Weingartner

As a spiritual aspirant, Heather has spent years searching for her unique way to be of service, while seeking a community whose members are devoted to earth-stewardship and self-transformation.

At a young age, she felt drawn to the symbolic resonance of rituals and ceremonial gestures, and spent much of her time outdoors exploring these arts naturally with the plant and mineral world. In her early twenties, she fostered this affinity by participating in a women’s new moon circle in Santa Barbara, California, which awakened her to the possibility of living a life of ceremony.

Upon graduating with a bachelor’s degree in biology and a passion for counseling and natural therapies, Heather embarked on a decades-long study of the shamanic healing arts. That labyrinthine route, woven with deep personal exploration as well as opportunities to help others, first took her to Heartwood Institute in 1992, a residential healing arts school in Garberville, California founded by Bruce and Chela Burger. There, Heather immersed herself not only in experiential healing arts courses, but also in the art of living in community. She studied hydrotherapy, yoga, Tai Chi, Bach flower remedies, transformational breathwork and movement while working and living with fellow students, staff, faculty and retreat-goers deep in the Humboldt mountains.

Living and learning at Heartwood was a window into herself as a maturing young adult as well as a springboard for pursuing other natural therapies and heart-based healing practices. Hence, over these past two plus decades Heather has trained and studied with various instructors in herbology, homeopathy, re-evaluation counseling, astrology, chakra energy theory and massage therapy. After graduating from the Moscow School of Massage and gaining her Washington and Idaho massage licenses, Heather sustained a successful massage therapy and spa practice in Moscow, Idaho for 9 years.

Heather was introduced to the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in 2011 through attending a winter solstice ceremony led by Erica J. Alessio, ceremonial assistant and shamanic apprentice of many years with don Oscar Miro-Quesada. After attending Erica’s meticulously facilitated monthly new moon ceremonies, Heather embarked on a mentorship with her in the art of ceremonial mastery and the creation of ritual tools. After four years, their circle began the PMT apprenticeship with Judy Hoaglund which completed in 2016. Prior to graduation, Heather was offered the opportunity to become a sanctioned teacher, which she joyfully accepted.

Currently Heather lives with her husband Paul of 12 years and her step-son Dylan, a 29 year old adult with special needs. Heather offers private healing rituals and holds workshops and community ceremonies in addition to teaching the five-part apprenticeship series in Sacramento, California and abroad. Heather has completed over eight online apprenticeships with don Oscar through The Shift Network and currently serves as a sanctioned teaching assistant for other students taking his courses by answering questions and offering guidance, encouragement and support.

As an earth-healer, Heather spends a great deal of time and energy crafting sacred offerings for the earth and nature spirits. She also specializes in making healing oils, elixirs and herbal blends for supporting others in their shamanic healing initiations. Heather has an online store where you can adopt her sacred alchemical creations. Find her products through Etsy, THOTH resources and her own professional website.

Contact Info

Resides In: California
Email: heather@earthflowerwisdom.com

Phone: 208-596-8248
Website: earthflowerwisdom.com

Link to: PMT Apprenticeship Schedule


  • PMT Sanctioned Teacher since 2016
  • Kuntisuyu Council member since 2017
  • Licensed Massage Practitioner since 2006
  • BA, Biological Sciences, University of California at Santa Barbara

“Heather Weingartner is a beautiful spiritual mentor who pays deep honor to the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition through her empathy, understanding and honesty as a healer. The PMT has opened a portal for me to connect physically, emotionally and mentally to the awe-inspiring natural elements that surround us through prayerful communication and loving community.”


Chico, CA

“Heather is walking love. She exudes a higher vibration and is somehow magically all things to all people at all times. Authentically ever attentive, ever respectful, ever patient, the consumate teacher.”

Kitty Esposoto

Sacramento, CA

“Wow! I feel so deeply blessed by my time with Heather. She is a thoughtful, thorough, prepared teacher who shows up with generosity, reverence, and lighthearted playfulness that helps students feel welcomed into deep work in a safe container. I am so excited to have connected with Heather’s work and look forward to continuing.”

Jen Harrison

Chico, CA

“Attending the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship was like coming home. Heather has a loving and gentle energy that led the group and directed the teachings exactly where they could best serve. Heather is humble and put me at ease in my own uncertainty.”

Carissa Wyles

Chico, CA

“Heather and Anna are beautiful souls destined to share their knowledge of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in service of the ‘Great Work.’ Together, there is a synthesis–they become more than the sum of who they are individually. I felt supported by their tremendous love, insight, understanding and compassion.”

Delia Echagaray

Sacramento, CA