“Shamanism is a path that must involve mystery, and mystery is a process of incessant, endless revelation, of a seeing beyond ourselves, of an opening up to relationship with others as valuable or more valuable than just our own survival.”

– don Oscar Miro-Quesada

Shamanism is a spiritual practice grounded in a reverent awareness that the world is animated, conscious, and energetically interdependent.

A Shaman, also known as a Curandero or Curandera, is one who develops a personal and intimate relationship with the unseen world for the purpose of being of service as a healer. Healing can take the form of working one on one with a person, animal, or place; or it can manifest as ritual and ceremonial healing service for individuals, a community, and the planet.

Through self-induced altered states of consciousness, ritual, and refined energetic awareness, the shaman comes into right relationship and reverent communion with the seen and unseen world so as to mediate between worlds on behalf of the community.

Guiding Principles of Shamanism

“Shamanic life involves the awareness of the inextricable solidarity of yourself with this whole Universe. It is the essential foundation of engaging in any practical activity or of committing yourself to any moral enterprise in the spirit where you know the contest between good and bad as fundamentally “games.”

Benefits of Practicing Shamanism

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