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Cindy Miro-Quesada

Community Alchemist
Community Contact

Cindy has been at the center of The Heart of the Healer since 2000, first as a long-term board chair and member and currently as visionary creative director and managing member of Team Stellar. There are few things more important to her than the health and wholeness of her community. Her commitment to this as well as her passion for the PMT provides the foundation and energy for all that we do.


Heather Weingartner

PMT Apprenticeship Coordinator
Apprenticeship Contact

Heather is a multi-talented medicine woman and Sanctioned Teacher of the Five-Part PMT Apprenticeship. She is a master crafter of sacred offerings for the earth and nature spirits, specializing in healing oils, elixirs and herbal blends. Heather coordinates all aspects of the 5-Part Apprenticeships and provides assistance in updating course materials, proof-reading mailings and doing whatever else is needed to help keep us all in balance.

Michele Davison

Communications Avatar
Calendar Events Contact

Michele has been providing graphic communications for THOTH since 2002, and is the designer of the THOTH logo/archetype. Michele edits our Writer’s Forum, provides educational documents and diagrams, updates information on our website and produces mailings including our monthly newsletter/events calendar.


Amy Mermaid Isakov

Training Programs Maestra

Amy is an innovative dreamer, passionate about connection, spirituality, music, ritual arts, and how the Divine can manifest in all its forms. A Sanctioned Teacher and contributor to the Writer’s Forum, Amy is dedicated to the dissemination of the PMT. As a Team Stellar member she moderates and helps shape don Oscar’s online courses and has an active role in our ongoing refinement of apprenticeship teaching materials.

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