Our Team

Oscar Miro-Quesada

Originator of the Pachakui Mesa/ Transmitter of Wisdom Traditions / Vision Keeper of The Heart of the Healer Shamanic Mystery School

Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo is a respected kamasqa curandero and altomisayoq adept from Peru, founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH), originator of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ cross-cultural shamanism. An internationally acclaimed shamanic teacher and healer, earth-honoring ceremonialist and author, don Oscar is OAS Fellow in Ethnopsychology and member of the Evolutionary Leaders Circle and Birth 2012 Welcoming Committee. He has been guiding ethno-spiritual pilgrimages to sacred sites of the world since 1986, with special emphasis on Peru and Bolivia.

Cindy Miro-Quesada

Shamanic Doula / Vision Keeper of The Heart of the Healer Shamanic Mystery School

As community alchemist, Cindy has served at the center of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) since 2002. Currently, she serves as Vision Keeper and Creative Director of The Heart of the Healer Shamanic Mystery School. Cindy’s intimate involvement in every aspect of THOTH has influenced its evolution to its present-day form. As Shamanic Doula, she is passionate about guiding women to the Source of their Divine Feminine Consciousness.

Amy Mermaid Isakov

Apprenticeship Director / PMT Sanctioned Teacher

Amy is an innovative dreamer, passionate about connection, spirituality, music, ritual arts, and how the Divine can manifest in all its forms. A Sanctioned Teacher and contributor to the Writer’s Forum, Amy is dedicated to the dissemination of the PMT. As a Team Stellar member she moderates and helps shape don Oscar’s online courses and has an active role in our ongoing refinement of apprenticeship teaching materials.

Michele Davison

Artistic Director / Communication & Events Coordinator

Michele has been providing graphic communications for THOTH since 2002, and is the designer of the THOTH logo/archetype. Michele has enjoyed a long career in graphic design, creating marketing communications and packaging for a wide variety of industries from medical devices to baby products. Michele edits our Writer’s Forum, posts calendar events, provides educational documents, diagrams, and photo illustrations. Additionally, she updates information on our website and produces mailings including our monthly Willka Wayra newsletter/events calendar.

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