On-Demand Training

“I highly recommend any of don Oscar’s teachings. He fully embraced everyone with compassion and full acceptance, and shared a wealth of understanding, rituals and teachings that enhanced and developed the wholeness of being. I am proud, blessed and honored to be an initiate…”
Annette (England)

“Don Oscar has such a beautiful, magical, inspiring, moving, poetic way of taking you on such transformational journeys beyond what is visible to the eye. He has inspired me in so many ways and I am excited to continue this path with so many beautiful rituals and my mesa, in dedication to the healing of Pachamama and All That Is…A true blessing!”
Marysol (Germany)

“Excellent course management and materials seamlessly co-created a powerful, practical, informative, invaluable, life enhancing and transformative experience.”
Polly (United States)

The Power of Ritual is a 3-part introductory initiation to the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of cross-cultural shamanism, a mystery school containing deep gnostic secrets including the use of a sacred healing altar ground. This self-guided online training deepens participants’ awareness of soul and spirit through experiential ritual processes. This is a great beginner or refresher course. Sign Up

The Path of the Universal Shaman is a 7-part foundational initiation into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Students create their own mesas and learn to work with them for healing and transformation of self and others. The training includes ancient breathing techniques and traditional ceremony for physical, emotional, mental and spiritual well-being and is a pre-requisite to any advanced PMT training. Sign Up

Transforming Our World through Sacred Living is a 25-week advanced intensive into the Seven Sacred Directions of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. This training will initiate you into the use of dreams, power objects, divination, and animal allies to strengthen your shamanic practice. You will experience the ONENESS of humanity and the healing of all the ancient rifts to restore wholeness. Pre-requisite: The Power of Ritual or The Path of the Universal Shaman. Sign Up

Magic, Medicine and Mysticism is 12-part advanced initiation providing ritual skills specific to the Three Fields of Power used by the healer for accessing past causes, present strategies and future revelations for evolutionary soul empowerment for individuals, families and communities. This training expands the practitioner’s mastery in the use of minerals, herbs, animal totems, shamanic effigies, artes, ceremonial staffs and other power objects associated with their altar ground. Pre-requisite: The Power of Ritual or The Path of the Universal Shaman. Sign Up

Becoming A Shining One is a 12-part advanced shamanic initiation into the ritual use of the vibrational frequencies of earth, water, air, fire, and ether to harmonize challenges within the body, mind, emotions, spirit and soul. This training uses mudras, mantras, colors, music, platonic solids, breathing techniques and more as shamanic tools to expand your healing practice. Pre-requisite: The Power of Ritual or The Path of the Universal Shaman. Sign Up

Receive the Ancestral Medicine of Pachamama is a 7-part journey for self-renewal, awakening to your shamanic I AM essence, and connecting to the Upper and Lower Worlds as soul-evolving portals to the Within. Don Oscar delivers powerful shamanic transmissions for healing, belonging and becoming a Light of Creation. No pre-requisite required. Sign Up

Reverence, Ritual and Renewal is a 13-part (PLUS 4 exclusive companion videos) initiation into the proper ceremonial activation of the sacred powers of Pachamama’s subtle energy body. In this advanced course don Oscar covers the importance of seasonal alignment and ayni, and personally demonstrates the creation of apachetas and offrendas to amplify your Earth-honoring ritual service. Pre-requisite: The Power of Ritual or The Path of the Universal Shaman. Sign Up

Travels Beyond the Veil is a 9-part advanced initiation providing ritual skills specific to the three methods of shamanic flight known as Viaje con Sombra, Ensueño and Desdoblamiento, utilized for distance diagnosis and remote healing. You will awaken and consciously embody the tripartite essence of your soul, activate your Higher Mind and travel into the hyperspace realm of multidimensional shamanic consciousness where remote healing becomes reality. Pre-requisite: The Power of Ritual or The Path of the Universal Shaman. Sign Up