Angela Myers

As a Peace Corps environmental volunteer, Angela served in the very region our PMT lineage is anchored through the line of don Celso. She lived for two years in a small farming village in the cloud forests of Ayabaca, Peru and spent her days there primarily tending relationships and learning deep humility and awe of culture, place and land. Before and after her time in Peru, she served her Colorado community as a bi-lingual elementary teacher in urban Denver. Angela nurtures a deep kinship with Ancestors, Place, Nature, Spirit, and Heart and is exhilarated to share this Love with the PMT community. She is the co-author of SPIRIT: A Dance of Poetry. Currently residing at the foot of Sisnaajini (commonly known as Mt. Blanca) in the San Luis Valley of Colorado, Angela is living off-grid while learning to work with the energies of that place. She is practicing reciprocity with 35 acres while on the epic adventure of building an Earthship, a fully sustainable home-temple that is the deepest expression of her creativity.

Kirsten became a Realtor in 2005 to complement her seasonal coaching careers. Bridging the gap between lifestyle and career, making deep relational connections, and helping others move through fear has been an integral part of her career path. Sharing all of this with her love of the mountains and its natural beauties is where Kirsten has found her joy.

As the owner of Sacred Warrior Healing Arts, Kirsten utilizes the healing and therapeutic properties of crystals. She offers in-person light table healing sessions which utilize crystals, color, sound, and vibration all designed to increase the harmonic resonance of one’s body, to enhance well-being and bring oneself back into balance. Her newest business endeavor is with Crystal Blanket is a healing tool that utilizes quantum technology based in nature. It is comprised of a unique formula of 96 essential crystals and minerals grounded into 1+ microns embedded in post-consumable far-infrared crystal fiber and spun with organic cotton. These blankets are designed to connect you to nature’s wisdom while assisting and balancing the body. It can help relieve stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve the quality of your sleep.


Hobbies, special interests, volunteer activities:

Agartha, Alternative History, Animal Rescue, Anthropology, Art, Bass Guitar Appreciation, Birdwatching, Bowie, Brian Eno, Cathedrals, Camping, Card Reading, Channeling, CE5, Collaborative Performance, Daimonic Reality, Dancing, Daydreaming, Dragons, Druidry, Europe, Esoterica, Extra-Terrestrials, Extreme Hot Sauces, Faerie Lore, Film, Fine Dining, Gaia, Graphic Novels, Hiking, Iggy Pop, Kairomancy, Kate Bush, Labyrinths, Literature, Masks, Megaliths, Meditation, Mountains, Music, Mycology, Mythology, Near Death Experiences, Peru, Poetry, Psychedelic Studies, Psychology (Jungian, Transpersonal), Scuba, Street Food, Shakespeare, Shambala, Snowboarding, Surfing, Swimming, Tabletop Role-playing games, The East, Tolkien, The Velvet Underground, Travel, Trees, Wagnerian Opera sans Wagner, Wilderness Exploration, World Wisdom Paths, and Religions

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