Mona Rain

Mona Rain was introduced to don Oscar and the ceremonial arts of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ in 2008. She began her formal apprenticeship with don Oscar in earnest in 2013, when she sought out the purest lineage tradition of Peruvian ancestry. Her career within the healing arts began nearly 30 years ago, offering 20 years of experience interweaving the shamanic practices of indigenous cultures from North and South America with modern needs. Mona’s heartfelt passion is reverently guiding students and clients in embodying their own innate healing wisdom, through conscious self-awareness, shamanic practices, and spiritual vision quests. She has lovingly assisted hundreds of clients in creating harmonious transformation on a personal and community level, and in acknowledging the importance of the restoration of sacred ritual in these auspicious times within the Taripaypacha. As a mentor, mother and grandmother, Mona is a dedicated Earth Steward for “The Next 7 Generations”, and is honored to be of service to all who are searching for their miraculous unfoldment within the Great Mystery. Mona resides in Florida.

From her early childhood, Mona enjoyed a sacred connection with Nature, the abundant wildlife, its elemental changes of seasons and cycles, and the heavens, as she interacted with mother nature’s gifts in rural Michigan. The love, joy, amazement and gratitude Mona feels in her knowing that all sentient beings are one with Pachamama guide her medicine path today. She believes that our modern day life, with its separation from the animating essence of nature, creates imbalance, illness and soul loss on many levels. With loving support and compassionate understanding, she guides others to re-member, and reconnect with the beauty and wisdom of Pachamama, the guidance of the Unseen Realms and their sacred wholeness of Spirit.

Through her own healing crisis and initiatory shamanic death, Mona was called fully to her life as a shamanic healer and mentor. In 2006, she was guided by the ‘unseen realms’ to travel to Ecuador in search of her own healing. Immediately, the rich & living healing traditions of the indigenous cultures, curanderos and curanderas Mona experienced spoke to her soul and she knew she had found her Self, and began her service upon Pachamama. The living essence of the lands and cultures infused Mona’s soul with their vibrations of Life. Returning back to the USA, she experienced the knowing of bridging the gap between ancient healing ways and current day challenges. Mona knew she could provide the same profound experiences for others, with deep reverence. She began her travels, experiences and direct initiations on the land and with the plant medicines of Heart Island and Turtle Island. Since that time, Mona has assisted and organized many spiritual quests to Peru and Bolivia.

In 2014, desiring a more intimate connection with the direct ancestral teachings of Peru and the mesa, Mona eagerly enrolled in the first offering of the Shift Network’s Universal Shaman’s course. Her love for the ancient traditions, the reverent ceremonial and ritual arts, and hermetic knowledge of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, fueled her devotion to Pachamama, and expanded her medicine path to share these wisdom teachings and powerful initiations in her mentoring, healing work, community and daily life.

In 2015, she began her five-part PMT Apprenticeship with Cynthia Greer, then Gary Langston, and shortly there-after assisted Gary in establishing the first five-part PMT Apprenticeship series in Florida. Her compacto of service within the living lineage of the PMT is integral to her Earth walk in South Florida, and upon the sacred lands of the Ancestors in Peru.

In 2017, Mona founded Chacaruna Healing, Teachings and Journeys, LLC in devoted service to all who are searching for their miraculous unfoldment within the Great Mystery. She believes that each student, each client, is her teacher as well. She explains, “I am always learning – always! It is forever a humbling gift to experience, guide, and witness the restoration of the individual and group animation of inner life – to bear witness to the mystical, magical possibilities that surround us with every prayer, ritual, breath of sacredness.”

Mona is honored and blessed to offer PMT Half-Day introductory workshops, and the PMT five-part Apprenticeship Series. She serves Pachamama with her offerings of in-person and distant mentoring & life coaching, ceremonial and ritual arts, individual shamanic healings, vision quests and tours of the sacred lands in Peru.


PMT Apprenticeship Trainings + Events

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Conversation with don Oscar

In this conversation with don Oscar, Mona shares what initially drew her to the  Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Arts
and the ways in which her life has been significantly changed, evolved and transformed as a result of becoming a Sanctioned Teacher.

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I am grateful for the healing environment Mona Rain creates as a result of her humble and gentle energy that is potent, powerful, and authentic and a reflection of her reverent earth walk.

– Amy D.

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