Barrett Ogden

In addition to being a Certified Energy Healer of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, Barrett is a highly trained actor and teacher of acting, voice, and movement, with decades of coaching from world-renowned artists. He has slung bass for various bands since the ‘80s. He has performed, directed, and co-created new works for stage, screen, and other media. In the spirit of service, Barrett has looked to various wisdom traditions throughout his life. He long felt a profound calling to the shamanic path, though a suitable opportunity with the right teacher proved elusive. When at last he was introduced to The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, he thankfully embraced apprenticeship under the guidance of teacher Garry Caudill with the assistance of Shardai Rose Moon in Boulder, CO, followed by a second apprenticeship with Heather Weingartner and Rev. Anna Maria Lopez in Sedona, AZ. He is grateful to continually witness powerfully transformative healing and artistic development made possible through the THOTH lineage and related wisdom path practices for himself, his students and others. Barrett resides in Sandy, Utah and offers remote healing and Self-development services. Feel free to contact him directly.

For Barrett, the process of becoming a Sanctioned Teacher was fostered by his attendance at community ceremonial events and trainings with don Oscar, Robin Harman, and other beloved teachers of the PMT. In 2023 Barrett became part of an invited group of mesa carriers on a powerful extended pilgrimage to Peru,  experiencing different forms of ceremony, meditations, offerings, synchronicities, and connection at various sacred sites of the northern coastal region there. He continues engaging in further exploration of Earth-honoring ceremonies, communion with spirits of the land, house healings, and property readings with the Earth Keepers Academy.


Hobbies, special interests, volunteer activities:

Agartha, Alternative History, Animal Rescue, Anthropology, Art, Bass Guitar Appreciation, Birdwatching, Bowie, Brian Eno, Cathedrals, Camping, Card Reading, Channeling, CE5, Collaborative Performance, Daimonic Reality, Dancing, Daydreaming, Dragons, Druidry, Europe, Esoterica, Extra-Terrestrials, Extreme Hot Sauces, Faerie Lore, Film, Fine Dining, Gaia, Graphic Novels, Hiking, Iggy Pop, Kairomancy, Kate Bush, Labyrinths, Literature, Masks, Megaliths, Meditation, Mountains, Music, Mycology, Mythology, Near Death Experiences, Peru, Poetry, Psychedelic Studies, Psychology (Jungian, Transpersonal), Scuba, Street Food, Shakespeare, Shambala, Snowboarding, Surfing, Swimming, Tabletop Role-playing games, The East, Tolkien, The Velvet Underground, Travel, Trees, Wagnerian Opera sans Wagner, Wilderness Exploration, World Wisdom Paths, and Religions

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