David Jordan

As a PMT sanctioned teacher, David brings all of himself to the privileged task of assisting others experience the power and beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. From his own journey, he recognizes the hunger so many feel for a spiritual practice that is both transformational and practical. Having heeded the Call to Heal, David has pursued apprenticeships in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition along with graduate training in counseling psychology, theology, and spiritual direction. David currently works full-time as the Director of a community mental health center near Atlanta and part-time as the owner and operator of Burning Bear Healing Arts, LLC, where he is in private practice offering psychotherapy, supervision, spiritual direction, and shamanic ceremonial healing. He makes his home in Decatur, Georgia, between Atlanta and Stone Mountain. David is married to a gifted and dedicated social worker, and the father of two brilliant teenage children.

A Wakeup Call

I recently saw an advertisement for a t-shirt that had the slogan “Woke!” on the front. My initial thought was “Woke to what?!?” What is the goal of an awakened heart and mind? What’s so important about being ‘woke’? If I’m ‘woke’, so what? Further, would the answer for me be the same for anyone else?


Destination Manifestation: A Dance of Re-Membering

We mere mortals don’t come into this world fully formed and complete. Our entry into the living field is a journey, a process. Consciously or unconsciously, we spend our lives in a movement of manifestation as we progress toward some known or unknown identity, role, or expression of Self.


Initiation: Claiming Power from Our Past

As daughters and sons of Pachamama, our birthright is a marvel, and it is ours for the claiming. We can live upon planet as radiant wonders of loving beauty and do so in peaceful balance with All Our Relations. Our walk in life can be a dance of magic and mystery...


Hollow Bone: The Challenge of Non-Attachment

It has been suggested to me that if I want something powerfully transformational to be gifted into reality, that I need to make my desire known to the unseen world and then get out of the way so the powers may manifest as they will.


Vista: Re-Membering to Trust

As an aspiring adept, I was moved to write this article out of a desire to be honest about an intense personal struggle that stirs a sense of inadequacy. In the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross Cultural Shamanism, one’s vista plays a crucial role ...


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