Danielle Leigh

Danielle Leigh is a Movement Therapist, Dancer, Choreographer, and Yoga & Pilates Instructor. She combines movement practices with energetic healing methods and modalities, including shamanic practice. She is the founder of Urban Soul Alchemy, a system of movement therapy and energy healing which facilitates healing, awakening, and expressive creativity.

As a writer, she writes her own blog and has written articles for numerous online health and wellness publications. She is presently writing a few larger pieces of work. Danielle is passionate about earth-honoring practices, and this is how she came to study with don Oscar and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. She is Founder and Director of a Food Recovery project in her hometown.

She is a Metis mama of three children and a wife to one husband. Most days, she has a biting tongue-in-cheek humor, and will happily work for strong coffee.

The Sanctity of Food and the Web of Life

As a practitioner of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, I have learned that one of the reasons people are drawn to become mesa carriers is a great love for the environment. This includes everything that nurtures Pachamama, and everything that Pachamama nurtures all of her...


Frustration, Hopelessness, & the Dance of the Mesa

Along our individual journeys and our collective one toward ultimate healing for ourselves and the planet, we are bound to encounter frustration. Yet finding this work, and understanding that we truly do hold power to create positive shifts on the more subtle levels with our mesas and intentions – this provides hope.