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Frustration, Hopelessness, & the Dance of the Mesa

The very first time I heard don Oscar speak, I knew that I was going to become a student of his. It was the way that he spoke, and the words that he used – along with the underlying passion that came across like the clearest crystal through him. This was a teacher that walked his talk. Upon hearing the word “pachakuti”, and learning its meaning, the truth behind these teachings was driven home for me even harder. As taught by don Oscar, “Pachakuti” means World Reversal. I could definitely get on board with that. It certainly does feel like the world is being turned upside down!

There is not a whole lot that makes sense in the way of political climate, responses to climate change, or environmental stewardship. Yet finding this work, and understanding that we truly do hold power to create positive shifts on the more subtle levels with our mesas and intentions – this provides hope. Not only does it provide hope, but it provides empowerment and focus for those of us who understand not only that something can be done, but that it needs to be done.

Along our individual journeys and our collective one toward ultimate healing for ourselves and the planet, we are bound to encounter frustration. How can we not, when we are bombarded with news and current events that are so disheartening? We may encounter hard-to-swallow events taking place in our own cities and towns, or perhaps simply from some extra time spent surfing on social media.

For sensitive and spiritual healing types, we may be hit very hard by these events. We may be hit hard enough that we find ourselves floundering in our connection to spirit and the greater work. We may even find ourselves deep in the trenches of hopelessness – and this is painful. We may begin to question everything, and wonder why we are devoting so much of our time, hearts and souls to these efforts. Then comes the pointed questioning, the internal dialogue:

Wasn’t the shift meant to occur much sooner than this? Why are there still so many unwilling to see that a major shift needs to occur? Why are we continuing to move forward in the way of ‘progress’, when that progress means we must destroy the earth in exchange for the almighty dollar? Can not everyone see that we are only harming ourselves and future generations by harming Pachamama? How is it that the establishment of Sacred Relationship is not the primary focus for humanity as a whole?

It is natural to want to repress our frustrations, however it is vitally important to feel deeply into this frustration. Get it moving, however it is that you get things moving for you. Tapping into physicality and creativity are fabulous ways of getting emotions moving through the body, mind, spirit and soul. Working into a good sweat, to wring frustration out of the cells – and then practicing or creating something that makes the heart sing – this is all a part of tapping into empowerment and taking action.

This is the Dreaming; the deep Munay we have for ourselves, Pachamama, and the sanctity of all Life. It can be very difficult to move from a place of deep hopelessness into taking action in any way, but it is much more difficult – and taxing on our systems – to remain in a judgmental mood about humanity and how as a collective whole we handle things. Creating personal rituals that coincide with the work we perform at our mesas is a form of self care which allows us to honor our feelings.

Be Gentle With Yourself & Recall Your Connections

Even while the world is seemingly working its way further into a chaotic spiral, we as individuals are still growing, shifting and changing in potent ways. This is when we should be most gentle with ourselves – when we feel out of sync with the workings of the world and out of sorts within ourselves.

The Pachakuti Mesa and all of the harmonizing practices that accompany it creates a gentle yet profound practice for assisting and nourishing our connection to the world – to Pachamama, and all of our earthly and celestial relatives. We can begin to remember our deeper connections and re-establish right relationship, as we recall our true power.

We learn to tune in more clearly to the workings of our own energy. In this way, we learn to decipher between when to contain our energy and let it build and sustain us, and when we are in a position to use any abundant energy for alchemical heart-centred purposes. This is an even further honoring of ourselves – being gentle, taking care of our needs, taking care of our bodies, taking care of our souls. In working with our mesas, we also strengthen our senses and abilities to know when we may need to see a healer, or take a remedy or supplement, or even simply have a warm bath and get some extra sleep.

We create sacred space on a continual basis and become more comfortable in our own skin – more loving, more positive, and more accepting of our lives and the intentions we set. If we aren’t already working with spirit helpers, we begin to feel their inevitable presence in a much more sentient fashion. We build relationship with them, and know that we are moving in their company.

Spirit’s Call to Action

Our spirit helpers are ultimately protectors and guides, and once we establish a working relationship we can begin to feel much comfort in the steps we are taking – and in the steps we will take.

Our mesas and spirit helpers are there to assist us in these chaotic and often disheartening times – especially those where we feel low in our energy. They are supportive in assisting us with strengthening our innate gifts and personal wisdom. The more we work with our mesas the more we begin to understand that we are not alone. We were never alone.

As always and with everything, we can only start with ourselves, and where we stand. It is a continual process, to become aware of what needs to be harmonized in the world. It is a recurring process to step into renewing our commitment to be a more conscious human being. We all have the balance of yin and yang, light and dark within us, and remembering this keeps us centred and focused.

The call to action is to find compassion for all of life, over and over again. Even, and perhaps especially, in these times of spiraling chaos. We can move into alchemical action anytime we like. This is one of the many gifts of the Pachakuti Mesa Carrier.

Energy moves in waves.
Waves move in patterns.
Patterns move in rhythms.
A human being is just that
energy, waves, patterns, rhythms.
Nothing more. Nothing less.
A dance.”

About the Author

Danielle Leigh is a Movement Therapist, Dancer, Choreographer, and Yoga & Pilates Instructor. She combines movement practices with energetic healing methods and modalities, including shamanic practice. She is the founder of Urban Soul Alchemy, a system of movement therapy and energy healing which facilitates healing, awakening, and expressive creativity.

As a writer, she writes her own blog and has written articles for numerous online health and wellness publications. She is presently writing a few larger pieces of work. Danielle is passionate about earth-honoring practices, and this is how she came to study with don Oscar and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. She is Founder and Director of a Food Recovery project in her hometown.

She is a Metis mama of three children and a wife to one husband. Most days, she has a biting tongue-in-cheek humor, and will happily work for strong coffee.

Email: urbansoulalchemy@yahoo.ca
Website: www.urbansoulalchemy.com

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