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In the Presence of Beauty

In the presence of Beauty the mundane becomes magical. The ordinary becomes extraordinary. We get a glimpse into a world that belongs in the realm of goodness, a place where the soul makes its home. Beauty is ever-changing, transforming itself as it is touched by the loving heart of the beholder.

Beauty holds powerful medicine. It is capable of transforming all woes. The reverent state that Beauty entices makes us forget, if only for a moment, the intricate details of our lives. It gives amnesia to suffering. It makes a broken heart blind to separation and all of a sudden makes it whole again. In Beauty, we belong.

Our relationship with beauty can be fickle. At times it is sparse. In the most blissful moments of our lives it is a steadfast companion. One cannot force beauty to be beautiful. It just is. It is fuelled by love. It is nourished by awe. It belongs to the eternal realm of divine power.

We are blessed when we are visited by Beauty. It just happens, while minding our own business. Then out of the blue a spectacular sunset takes our breath away. We are catapulted into a greater version of who we are and encounter the purpose of life. For that moment everything is perfect. It is beyond perfect. Because it is beautiful.

Beauty is where heaven and earth meet. It is where the sun and the moon dance an ancient waltz. It is where the mind is sweet-talked by the heart into softening its stance. It is where presence finally takes hold of the soul. It is a place where discord takes a respite in the embrace of wholeness.

In the sacred territory of Beauty we are re-Membered. We breathe in the power of life and finally allow ourselves to be nourished by it. It is a land that belongs to all creatures, a land that is owned by no one but tended by All. It reminds us we are a passerby on this good Earth.

Beauty is you, me, and all that we hold dear. It is also the sacred companion of what is ugly and dissonant and abhorrent. Beauty is often seen, experienced, and known via its polar opposite. It is everywhere, in all times, in all places, in all worlds, and in-between. It cannot be controlled or bought. It is free to all those courageous enough to surrender their expectations and accept the generous and unpredictable bounty of life.

The Beauty Way is one that returns us to what is important and essential. It is made of starlight, of tears, of a child’s smile and the call of the wild. It is found in the soft touch of a lover’s hand, the intimate song of the river, the thrilling hoot of the owl in the depth of night.

Within us beauty can never be destroyed. It shares sacred space with grace and eternity.

Beauty is what is reflected back at us when we have the courage to be who we are. When we shine the light of Self-love, Beauty becomes a most natural response from life. Life smiles in such a way that says, “now you understand, now you know the secrets of your soul that are reflected in all of life.” It is as if you are allowed a glimpse into an ancient secret society, one that upholds the mystery of mysteries in its very fabric. Beauty fuels the magic carpet ride through Great Mystery.

There is no need to understand the beautiful because it co-exists with all that is good and wise and eternal. It is fleeting and will never allow itself to be owned, only cherished.

To summon Beauty within daily life is a rich ritual filled with divine scent. When we follow its exquisite fragrance it takes us to our altar grounds, to our friends and families and loved ones, to the crack that lets light into the darkest places. Summoning Beauty teaches simplicity and the infinite potential of our humanity.

Beauty is the language of the soul and the imagination that inspires evolutionary consciousness. May our Earth walk be gentle and be blessed with the Presence of Beauty.

In Beauty, we walk
With Beauty Before us, we walk.
With Beauty Behind us, we walk.
With Beauty Above us, we walk.
With Beauty Below us, we walk.
With Beauty all around us, we walk.
With Beauty Within us, we walk.
It is finished in Beauty.
It is finished in Beauty.
It is finished in Beauty.

A Navajo Prayer, The Pollen Path.

About the Author

Yola Dunne is an author, martial artist, and sanctioned teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition of Cross-Cultural Shamanism. She is well versed in offering earth-honoring ceremonies as taught by don Oscar Miro-Quesada, a respected altomesayoq (medicine man) from Peru. She lives in Chelsea, Québec, where she serves her community by writing, teaching, and managing a private healing practice.

Yola has a profound love for writing. She is the author of a poetry book Hymns to the Beloved, A Call for Sacred Love (2011), Remember Me – A Novel (2017), and the proud mama of Loving Mother Earth Press.

For more information about Yola and her work please visit yoladunne.com


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