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Conscious Living as a Ritual Artist

Ceremony is the act of ritually creating an elevated space for a deep and reverent connection with the Great Web of Life. This sacred art sets the stage for us to be fully present and engaged with ourselves and others. It is also an opportunity to cultivate and maintain a deep connection with the numinous. Ceremony and ritual go hand in hand. Any Pachakuti Mesa Carrier knows that when we are doing our sacred work at our Mesas, our rituals and our ceremonies, we are deeply engaging with forces greater than ourselves. This is how we communicate symbolically in the mythic dimensions. It is nothing less than a profound and devotional communion with The Great Mystery.

As we consciously observe the world around us, we can see that ritual is a common aspect of daily life. From brushing our teeth, to doing our laundry, to changing the oil in our car, we are engaging in ritual. This may seem mundane, but if we can expand our view with the perspective that life is a Grand Ceremony, then we can see that how we act in everyday life makes an impact on the world around us. Whether we offer k’intus in the most simplistic way or slowly create the most elaborate and exquisite of despachos, these offerings deliver our prayers out into the heavenly realms. We can see that awareness and presence is important. We are fully engaged in the moment.

I very recently taught Condor’s Quest, Part 3 of the Pachakuti Mesa Apprenticeship Series. On the first evening, before the students were to set up their mesas, I brought them into the ceremonial space that I co-created with Spirit. I wanted them to feel how the space was pulsing and alive. I asked them to all remain standing for a while in silence. The highly refined energy in the ceremonial space was palpable and felt by all present. This was an important time for them to get a sense of what it feels like to be in conscious communion with each other and Spirit. During our weekend together, I chose some students to stand in the North, where Spirit resides, and asked each to speak what was in their heart. From this space, this experience alone was a reminder to all, the importance of speaking, thinking and acting like “Spirit” would. Spirit and Soul are expanded states of awareness and do not get caught up in duality or polarity. For when we are in alignment with our Soul and Spirit, we are singing our Soul Song. A song of great beauty and joy. A song of high resonance, frequency and vibration.

The students encountered two of don Oscar’s wise axioms over the weekend. “Right Action, Borne of Compassionate Spiritual Wisdom, Unites.” And, “Consciousness begets matter, Language begets reality, Ritual begets relationship, Nature begets purpose, Love begets life.” These axioms directly correspond to the five directions and the spiral, golden ratio, incorporated within the Mesa. Traveling the Mesa in this way leads us to our Soul, our very center of Being. We can see that how we speak, think and act has a direct influence in our lives and the world. A great way to expand ourselves is to model the The Pachakuti Mesa Carrier Ideals: Llankay – One who creates beauty through example (artful living). Munay – One who serves another with compassion. Yachay – One who mediates between seen and unseen realities for a community. Saminchay – One who honors life through ceremony and Hampiqchay – One who heals from the heart. When we do this consciously, we know that we are creating and sending a vibrational frequency. Since we live in a Quantum world, we are constantly creating and sending these fields of information. Our poqpo’s (luminous energy fields) are continuously interacting with other poqpo’s. Everything IS a living field of information. This is why it is important to be consciously mindful of what we are sending out with our thoughts, words and deeds. As human beings we absolutely have the capacity to multidimensionally co-create and shape our reality. We are “Creativity, Creating Creation”, as don Oscar wisely reminds us.

We know that the aim of all human beings is to perfect ourselves; to become better people. Therefore, constantly endeavor to awaken and express the virtues of the soul that animates you. In doing so, you will contribute to your own evolution while serving the cause of humanity. – Rosicrucian Manuscript

We have a direct impact and influence on the Great Web of Life. If we can view life as a Grand Ceremony, we then daily cultivate our awareness to be more fully present, aware and engaged at all times. With this wisdom we are able to consciously live as true ritual artists. This is an empowering way to not only shift our lives, but the world as well. Every moment is an opportunity to be in right relationship. As a full participant, we remember that we are in partnership with everything around us, independently and interdependently. Being a conscious ritual artist means to expand ourselves to a sacred way of living. Examples of this would be to speak considerate words, think loving thoughts and act gently on the Earth and with each other. What a beautiful sadhana to cultivate that also teaches us how to live in expansive consciousness.

When you speak, it should be as if Infinity is speaking. – Yogi Bhajan

This is a momentous time where we are making a quantum and evolutionary leap in consciousness. When we speak, think and act consciously, we are elevating our frequency and vibration. As Divine participants and adepts of the Great Work, we are making this shift occur together. We are transforming ourselves. And by doing so, we shift into a higher frequency that will naturally bring us into right relationship and harmony with our world. In our Soul expression we are vibrating at elevated frequencies of Love and Light. It is here where we become a “walking theophany”, as don Oscar is fond of saying. As conscious ritual artists, we ARE the Haywa (prayerful living) the world and humanity needs. Let’s take this leap together!


May the Long Time Sun
Shine upon you
All Love surround you
And the pure Light
Within you
Guide your way on
Guide your way on…

Lyrics by White Sun


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