Most recently, after completing and submitting my book manuscript, I reorganized my entire office, which bled out into the hallway, stair well and temple space. Art on the walls had to be rearranged. Colors had to be altered. Coziness had to be amped up. Ceremony had to be performed. The flow of energy had to be rerouted.

Ever wonder why, when you go through a massive transition or intense shift, you almost always make some kind of change in your outer world? You rearrange furniture, release relationships, plant a garden, sort and reorganize, paint the house, hold a garage sale, or in some way shift what is in your environment. There’s a reason for this.

We are dynamic beings, constantly being acted upon by multiple internal and external forces. At any given time our energy field is responding to our thoughts, emotions, other people, circumstances, the degree of wellness or illness we are experiencing, our environment, marketing messages, the weather and much more.

The effects on our energy field are not restricted to events or people in our immediate vicinity either. Factors that affect our energetic state are not limited by space and time. Whether talking to someone on the phone halfway around the world or recalling a loved one who has passed, space and time are an illusion. Even patterns from past lives transit the space-time barrier and affect us in the present moment.

All of these elements contribute to the unique energetic signature that is your energy field.

Now take this ever-changing energetic state and consider how your external world reflects (or doesn’t reflect) your ‘inner’ state. If everything is energy, then the principles of harmony/disharmony or resonance/dissonance are constantly at play.

Though our personal frequency is being acted upon by many forces at any given time, our vibration is monumentally affected by events that:

  • Cause us to release mental patterns or thought processes, behaviors, pain, trauma, old beliefs, grudges or unforgiveness
    Create healing, restoration, retrieval of soul aspects, new understandings and forgiveness
  • Show us a fresh perspective on past events, current life circumstances, decisions we’re trying to make, or the nature of our relationships
  • Bring our values and priorities into crystal clear focus
  • Help us drop below the level of ego, show us our connection to all living beings, and let us peek behind the veil to see the greater workings of the Universe

When these types of transformation are triggered for us – whether through a 2-day weekend intensive, protracted death of a loved one, a job change, divorce, or spiritual awakening for example – our vibration is permanently affected. Our body-mind-spirit system seeks harmony and resonance as a natural state. So, when intense metamorphosis occurs, almost certainly something in our outer world will no longer be in alignment with our new pulse.

Think of it like putting on a colored pair of glasses. Everything in your world is cast in a different hue as you look through this altered vision. As you take in everything newly, you find that some things you love more while others you can clearly no longer tolerate. When our vibration rapidly shifts, what was harmonious and supportive yesterday can be grating and discordant today.

One of the primary ways our body-mind-spirit system restores harmony is through adjustments in our outer world.

I can’t tell you how many times I have come home from a weekend intensive (including the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition apprenticeship), completed a multi-month initiatory process, traveled to a sacred site or conducted a personal retreat, walked through the front door and exclaimed, “Oh this just won’t do!” I have rearranged rooms, painted, cleared out belongings and reworked my mesa on countless occasions. It almost feels like a compulsion in my body. Whether I had time in my schedule to devote to restructuring my outer world or not, I made time.

I have learned over the years to not resist these impulses. I now think of them as a form of self-care. It is difficult to create, think, focus or be efficient when my system is keyed into the discordant energies in my space. I find my work, my mental and creative processes, and my energies flow much easier when I manage the dissonance. Otherwise life feels like pushing a boulder up a hill while a thousand fingers are plucking my nervous system.

Energy is dynamic and meant to be in flow. As human energy beings, we are dynamic and meant to be in flow. Change is our friend if we can learn to relate to it as an ally who has our best interest at heart instead of resisting and demonizing it (taking my own medicine here!). The less we resist the natural harmonic stasis that is always being sought by our body-mind-spirit system, the more we can be in the present moment, act with ease and grace, accept with curiosity the events that occur, and flow in love with the experiences of our life.

About the Author

Stephanie Red Feather, PhD.

Stephanie Red Feather, PhD.

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Stephanie Red Feather is a soul wisdom excavator. Through experiential workshops, wisdom teachings, private facilitation, and initiatory processes, Stephanie helps you find your truth, trust your heart, and own your spiritual authority. She has been supporting seekers in their spiritual journeys and personal transformation for over 11 years.

Her specialties include shamanism, embodiment, divine feminine mysteries, life as an empath, Shamanic Breathwork™, Shakti life force, inner authority, masculine/feminine balance, shadow work, energy healing and Reiki, and Voice Dialogue.

Stephanie is a Magdalene High Priestess and facilitator of the Priestess Process™. She is a certified Shamanic Breathwork™ facilitator and ordained shamanic minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation as well as a certified spiritual healer through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards. Stephanie holds a Doctoral Degree in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies and has been a practitioner in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition for over 11 years.

In addition, Stephanie is a writer and prolific creator of programs and materials including Earth Embodiment School™, the Shamanic Dance of Transformation, Soul Check-In, the Embodiment How-To Manual, and How to Make Decisions with Your Heart: A Guided Meditation. She is preparing to publish her first book on being an evolutionary empath.