Naty Howard

Naty Howard is a Spirit Medicine woman and lover of Pachamama, passionate about people’s relationship to the Earth and to Spirit through ritual and ceremony. As a photojournalist and artist, she witnessed the power of shamanic lineages in the Venezuelan amazon, India, Nepal and Canada. Life folded inside out in 2009, when she experienced intense numbness on the right side of her body due to extreme levels of heavy metal toxicity. This dark night of the Soul demanded she embody the rituals, tools and practices she had witnessed before to now heal herself. Today, Naty guides others through their own spiritual healing journeys using the alchemy of these ancient practices. Naty is an energy healer, Ayurvedic practitioner, yoga and PMT Sanctioned Teacher, artist and author of Your Mighty Inner Healer. Her offerings include: Healing Circles, Juice Feast Alchemy, in-person and remote Energy Healing Sessions, and 1:1 Mentorship. Born in Venezuela, she now resides in Ontario, Canada.

don Oscar’s teachings and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition offered me a clear path to root into the sacred within, and expand from that place of inner refuge back into the world, Having awakened the healer within me, I had a better understanding my body’s language and a clear roadmap shaped by the whispers of my Soul.

The greatest healing happens in between the breaths, in between veils, in between ancient practices and moments of self-awareness. I believe in the synergy of alchemy when we layer these ancient practices to amplify our own healing process for both personal and planetary transformation. The seed of your intention will set your path of awakening in motion. Every step is an opportunity to recalibrate, every breath a gift for self-awareness and every action an opportunity to realign with your essence, offered as a gift of Spirit Medicine.

I am so deeply grateful to this lineage, to this sacred community, and all that blossoms when, within our diversity we are united by love.


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Conversation with don Oscar

In this conversation with don Oscar, Naty shares what initially drew her to the  Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Arts,
and the ways in which her life has been significantly changed, evolved and transformed as a result of becoming a Sanctioned Teacher.

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