Michelle Mitchell

Michelle has dedicated more than three decades to fostering community healing and restitution. Her journey into healing practices began in her childhood, under the guidance of her grandmother, Ouma, in apartheid-torn South Africa. Learning the art of divination during this time exposed her early on to the impacts of oppressive systems, which shaped her life’s work and fueled her commitment to social justice. As a clinical psychologist and an applied social researcher, Michelle creates inclusive spaces where diverse voices and personal stories are both heard and valued. Grounded in her African roots, she champions the philosophy of Ubuntu, embodying the belief that “I am because we are,” and highlighting the importance of shared wisdom and community connection.

Michelle’s transformative experience with don Oscar during the 2018 solar eclipse marked a profound moment of remembrance and reconnection for her. Since then, she has actively engaged in numerous in-person and virtual retreats, completed an apprenticeship under the guidance of Amy Mermaid, and contributed as a member of the Antisuyu Council.
In 2020, while on a BearHeart vision quest – endorsed by BearHeart, a Muscogee Creek caretaker of sacred traditions – Michelle was honored with her medicine name: Walks Gently with Grace. This name reflects her approach to both her professional practice and her personal path of spiritual and communal healing. Michelle currently lives near Augusta, the capital of Maine.


In 2000, Michelle received a Masters of Social Science in Clinical Psychology. As a social science researcher, she led over 180 studies across public health topics and diverse communities.

Michelle’s work bridges the worlds of social science and personal experience, creating safe spaces and ensuring that all voices are heard. She serves the previously incarcerated, people with disabilities, mental health distress, the homeless, refugees, asylum seekers, and the LGBTQIA+ community.

Michelle’s hobbies include scuba diving with family and running triathlons. She volunteers at a bird rehabilitation facility and is the President of the Maine Evaluation Society.

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