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Link-Up: Connecting in Service to the Web of Life

Under the spell of the New Moon I was drawn to commune with my sacred altar ground. There were profound stirrings within me, and I wanted to pay homage to them. Just when I thought I was complete, I heard a voice whisper, “It’s Wednesday.”

In the world of the Pachakuti Mesa carrier, there is a practice called Wednesday Night Link-Up. This sadhana offers an opportunity to gather in soul presence as a unified force and work the field in service to cleansing and healing Mother Earth and the collective psyche.

When I heard the reminder it was Wednesday, I sat back down and focused on the link-up practice by tuning into the grid of mesa carriers worldwide. Because it was late afternoon and not time to link-up yet, I was inspired to seek out the place on the globe where it was currently 9:45pm. All of a sudden I found myself travelling east along the latitudinal line I was on, to the centre of the Atlantic Ocean. My mesa had become a magic carpet, and I sat looking down on the magnificent ocean. I could feel the resonant field created through this practice of linking up with one another as mesa carriers over the years. Everywhere I looked I saw the light emitted from the altar grounds worldwide.

Illustration by Bob Silberg.
Figure of man riding flying carpet is from 1880 painting by Viktor Vasnetsov.

The vast space I suddenly found myself in amazed me. The moon was dark, and I could feel the expanse of the ocean below. It was exquisite. For some reason I was listening to beautiful music on my headphones, which I don’t normally do when doing this work. But in this instance, it became a part of the new landscape. Letting myself be transported by the music and the open, wild, raw space, I began to call a celestial shaft of light into my body. Because there were no other humans in sight and I had so much space, I did not hold back. The more K’anchay (celestial light) came through, the larger I became and the more I directed this light into the heart and core of Pachamama Gaia. I became a massive beam of light and life force floating in the air above the Atlantic. I had transformed into a pillar of light. As the beautiful music played on, I wanted to share it with the Ocean and all the living creatures below me. I wanted to know them, to thank them, to connect. I had never thought of communing with nature in the middle of the ocean. I mean, when and how would I ever get the chance to do that? So, I went for it. Fully.

As I was transmitting love and light enhanced by the music, something shifted. It was as if the living creatures below me responded to me in kind and lit up with the very same light that was being sent to them. This reminded me of the luminous lagoons with microscopic organisms that emit a bio-luminescent light when agitated.

It was spectacular!

I hovered above the ocean, outside of linear time. I was rotating with the Earth and slowly made my way back towards Turtle Island. I became a portal. Light energy moved through me unhindered. I became larger still as I continued to broadcast the beautiful music into the heart, soul, body and mind of Pachamama. I chanted my cosmic name in a state of full remembrance of my nature as a Shining One on this good Earth.

Suddenly I was pulled into the Earth’s axis, into the magnetic field that runs through the core of the planet and back. I could see and sense how wobbly and unstable it felt. The shaft of light above my crown connected to the Central Galactic Sun, and I became an ever larger centre pole and stabilizing force. I drifted until something clicked into perfect alignment. And there, I sat still, profoundly Present, offering this medicine to the planet.

When I came back to my physical senses, hours had passed. It was almost time for the actual link up and I smiled, sealing the experience with sacred breath into my mesa and the collective field. Being called to service often comes in unexpected ways.

Living “big” is not about ego; it’s about Love. A love so profound, it dances with the cosmic forces, the sea creatures and everything in between. It’s about knowing that we are sustained by every breath we take. It’s about embracing our human and divine nature, together, and remembering this mantra from don Oscar Miro-Quesada:

I Am Immortal in Being – 
Fearlessly Free to Be – 
All Worlds, Times and Places
 – That Summon Me.

With Love,

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