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Journey through Death, Part 2

This is a continuation on my last offering up of my experience with Vulture, and the “Fear of Death” piece, that I am working with in general.

Yesterday, as I was at my Mesa, taking a feeling of grief and in need of a deep healing on some level, concerning the poor state of health of my mother, Vulture, who had recently gifted me some feathers, for medicine to use in my Mesa, came to me. He showed me my mother, lying in repose, with a portal open next to her and a rainbow bridging between her and this portal. He is showing me the bridge to Otherworld, that my mother may soon be taking, and also he comforted me, as I allowed myself to purge and purify these old patterns of fear of death that I have carried for many years. I allowed and surrendered to my Little Girl self. The feelings of loss that will come with the death of my mother, who even though is my mother, has never mothered or nurtured me, and was incapable of doing so from her level of awareness, which I accept, but still grieve on some level. As these tears flowed abundantly, Vulture told me that as I was on my way to my weekly visit to my doctor, to stop and pay a visit to where I had previously wrapped him in his death shroud, which was a fitted sheet that I just happened to have in my vehicle at the time. So, I closed my Mesa, thanking Vulture and unseen worlds and proceeded to take my drive out to Port Isabel. On the way, as I was coming closer to where I had laid him to rest, there was a sign on the side of the road that said, “Right lane closed”. I am paying attention to this, as to me, this has to do with the fields of power in our upcoming class. I am just noticing. As soon as I passed these signs, I pull over to where Vulture is. I get out of my car and see the sheet, still bundled up, and I walk over to it. I squatted down and opened the sheet up. Vulture is gone. Mind you this sheet was still bundled up and tucked in, the way that I left it. Ok, still noticing, I am thinking as I walk back to my car, trying to cognitively comprehend what has just happened. I get into my car and start driving, well I go about 25 feet and I see a feathered one on the side of the road, just like I found Vulture last time, as stated in my last post. I pull over as I know this is meant for me to do. It is a Great Blue Heron. Now this means something to me because on my recent trip to Austin, I hiked with Mateo in Barton Springs, right beside the flowing water. After some time out there it started to get cold, and on the way in as we were on one of the trails next to the Spring, I see a movement and hear a huge flapping. As I looked over, there was a huge Blue Heron, about 4 feet tall, I had never seen one so big, and neither has Mateo. I did not think anything of it until now. So I did the same as I did with vulture, using the same sheet, I wrapped Blue Heron and took him to the other side of the embankment, under a large Mesquite Tree. I sat with him and tuned in, Same as with Vulture I was offered feathers from its body. Using local flowers, I prayed over him in gratitude. In appreciation of medicine that I have been gifted with once again, I gratefully await the unfolding.

With love,


We shape our self
to fit this world

and by the world
are shaped again.

The visible
and the invisible

working together
in common cause,

to produce
the miraculous.

I am thinking of the way
the intangible air

passed at speed
round a shaped wing

holds our weight.

So may we, in this life

to those elements
we have yet to see

or imagine,
and look for the true

shape of our own self,
by forming it well

to the great
intangibles about us.

– David Whyte
from The House of Belonging

About the Author

Gabriella Galvan is a ceremonialist, ritual artist, shamanic healer and Sanctioned Teacher of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. She walks the path of the Wounded Healer, with apprenticeships in a wide range of modalities and the esoteric arts. By communing deeply with Spirit, Pachamama and her guides, and by diving deeply and doing shadow work into her own psyche, she has brought tremendous healing to her own life. This has been a driving force and catalyst in her service work with others as a mediator between the Worlds. She facilitates and teaches others to empower themselves by showing them that they are already whole. Teaching, assisting and supporting others with a compassionate open heart has brought the greatest joy into her life. Gabriella currently lives in Brownsville, Texas. You can visit her website Sacred Soul Song Healing, her Facebook Page, FB Sacred Soul Song Healing and her Pachakuti Mesa Teachers page at Gabriella Galvan. She is available for sponsorship to your area to teach the PMT Five-part Apprenticeship Series. To learn more about this you can email her at divinesparkg@gmail.com or go to the PMT sponsorship page.


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