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To start your 2015, we’d like to share a list of life-changing documentaries
that will raise your consciousness. 
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1214-ambrogi-solstice-group-225Sacred Wisdom Calendar January 2015
Find Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Workshops, Gatherings and Apprenticeships near you. Contact any of the sanctioned teachers to explore the possibility of offering the PMT five-part beginning apprenticeship in your community. We guarantee it will be a profoundly transformative experience in your life…Read more

02.28.14-ancient-aliens-225Did you miss this?
don Oscar Miro-Quesada on The History Channel’s “Ancient Aliens”
don Oscar talks about his early apprenticeship, our relationship to the Star Nations and captures a despacho ceremony. (Best viewed with Fire Fox browser) View here

moon-eyeAncient Healing Sounds: Moon Eye
Chakuna Machi Asa created “Moon Eye (munay): Ancient Healing Sounds” CD Album with the energy based on her experience with the Pachakuti Mesa and The Heart of the Healer with the intention that it be in service to many generations and our community.
Listen here
RAY.-VAL-copyHere’s what students are saying about the PMT Apprenticeship Series:
“Ray Nobriga and Valerie de Magdalena embody authentic loving attentiveness, mastery of the material and a deep commitment to our learning. They live the tradition. And they have created an inspired community among us.” Mt. Shasta Summer 2014 More testimonials
planet birthday 2My Dream for My Relationship with the Great Mother for the New Year
Our relationship with Mother Earth is a special one. Her gravity holds the atmosphere, water, soil to her. She holds creatures of all shapes and sizes including us two legged. Read more
p_highlandsSummer Solstice in the Andes
The summer solstice in the high valleys of the Andes is approaching. Purple and yellow flowers topping potato plants dazzle small patchwork fields, beautifully terraced, but underground the tubers are thirsting for rain. Read more
2013.peru.keepers-of-the-flame2How has “Lessons in Courage” impacted your life?
Please share with our community how “Lessons”, PMT or don Oscar has inspired you, promoted growth in your life, or gave you a new perspective on life. You can:
Post a review on Amazon  |  Barnes & Noble | or Email Us
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2013.sipapusignVideos: NEW December 2014: Sipapu – from Gloria Moldanado
Check out the latest videos and interviews with don Oscar and other teachers, elders and guest speakers about the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition and shamanism and its impact on today’s global community.
Check Out our YouTube Page Or Listen to online interviews
brother teasdale and dalai lamaIt Starts with a Circle
By Dorothy Cunha (D’oro)
Sometime in 2001, I met Kurt Johnson. We were about eight people sitting in a circle sharing our spiritual interests and loves. Kurt talked of Brother Wayne Teasdale and Brother Wayne’s vision of interspirituality. (Image from ISDnA.org) Read more
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What is “shamanism” and why is it relevant today?
Shamanism is the art of seeking and maintaining balance between humans and nature, between the seen and unseen. At the heart of shamanism is balance; without balance healing cannot occur. In the industrialized world we are living profoundly out of balance with ourselves, each other. Lack of balance is causing rampant destruction of cultural and biological diversity as well as profound physical and psychological illness.

We would love to post your poem, musings, essays, or other writings, artwork and photography inspired by the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Teachings. Please send to cindy@heartofthehealer.org.