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mother-goddess1Sacred Wisdom Calendar
May 2015
In this issue we are pleased to feature a Community Share from Stephanie Redfeather from the Chawpinsuyu. Stephanie’s song will resonate throughout the directions offering good medicine to Pachamama and All Our Relations.  Read now
Healing Grace from don OscarOMQ

My Precious Trans-Dimensional Family,

….Images of unity in diversity, stillness in action, and the spiral movement behind the emergence of everything out of nothing now blissfully floods my awareness….. Read more 


03.15-yola-mesaVideo Blog:
The Evolution of My Mesa

Yola Dunne sent us a personal video blog how her life has been impacted by The Universal Shaman Advanced Course.   Watch it here
New Music: “Nuna Kallpa” 
One Fire Wellness honors the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition in song, available on MP3.
Listen to a free song “Ajallo Inka” here

Alex and Madhu are the featured artists on the The Shift Network’s Catalyst April 5th issue


Ritual Begets Relationship
An article in The Eden Magazine by Bonnie Glass-Coffin, PhD and Oscar Miro-Quesada. Excerpt: “To harness the spiritual power of creation, as did our ancestral peoples, we need to return to a deep understanding of how sacred
relationship works. ‘Feed the earth first and then you will have the strength to go out on the healing path,’ don Benito taught me.” Read the article here
Experience Shamanic Teaching at a deeper level by attending The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Apprenticeship
“I have spent many years studying healing practices (reiki, massage therapy…) and find the [Pachakuti Mesa Tradition] is filling in the missing pieces of ceremony and ritual which lift, cleanse and heal at a very deep level. I highly recommend this work.” K. Strand
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Lessons-in-Courage-Oscar “Oscar’s incredible ‘vista’ is so remarkably on-target and just one comment from him is worth months of therapy in someone’s office!” ~K. Blaesing
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welcomeSipapu Peru: A Place of Emergence
Sipapu is our dream manifest – a sacred earth based community anchored in Love and reverence. It is a nexus, a portal allowing access to a universal forces, a ‘stargate’ for the human soul, a reality where our individual and collective thoughts and visionary imagination propel us forward in evolutionary resonance to serve the global spiritualization of humankind.
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radio oscarTHOTH Audio & Video Archive
Learn more about The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, watch interviews with don Oscar and Bonnie Glass-Coffin, PhD, co-authors of “Lessons in Courage“,  enjoy new videos submitted by our community, such as ceremonies, gatherings and personal experiences.
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The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) is the Shamanic Portal into the Universe of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition founded by don Oscar Miro-Quesada. The THOTH web site and our Facebook page have the most up to date information about The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Throughout this web site you will find information and resources about the teachings of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition,  our Sanctioned Teachers of the PMT Apprenticeship, Event Schedule, and how to become active in our Community.

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IG07quero-copyWhat is Shamanism

Shamanism is the art of seeking and maintaining balance between humans and nature, between the seen and unseen realms. At the heart of shamanism is balance; without balance healing cannot occur. A shamanic practitioner is one who reaches altered states of consciousness by using sound, music, drumming, guided meditations, plant-spirit medicine and/or other techniques, to interact with the spirit world. The shaman or curandero/curandera then channels their connection to the spirit world into this world during a ceremony or ritual to heal, perform divination, and balance energies for personal healing and global transformation.

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Oscar-slideAbout The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition

“Pachakuti” means “world reversal” and refers to the time
of transformation we are living now. A mesa is an altar for
self-exploration, transformation and personal growth in
which we create a new paradigm of one’s relation to the Self and the Universe. This tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationships with All That Is.

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