Our Mission 
Our mission is to reawaken modern society to ancient (shamanic) wisdom for  personal and planetary transformation. By understanding that global change begins with our individual personal growth and self-healing, The Heart of the Healer offers programs of study and participation in sacred community that supports this transformation.

In order to safeguard and revitalize the vast storehouses of knowledge and cultural traditions of indigenous people, we must also protect the natural habitats and ancestral sacred lands of their origins.


The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) Foundation, a 501(c)(3)¬†nonprofit, is the catalyst for the emergence of a planetary family living in sacred relationship with our Earth Mother. By bridging the gap between indigenous cultural traditions and the modern world, THOTH brings together Gaia’s diverse populations in harmony with the planet. Our vision includes birthing multiple world-renowned residential and ceremonial centers that model healthy communities and serve as a repository of traditional wisdom. In alliance with leading edge Earth stewardship organizations, THOTH offers innovative and pragmatic strategies for rainforest restoration initiatives. Our work strengthens earth-honoring cultures and positively impacts the socio-economic viability of indigenous people. THOTH is Service-In-Action.