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The Mesa as an Anchor of Soul in Rough Times

“Batten down the hatches!!” She cried out in her mind.

The world had gone rough and she needed help.

Well, sometimes the best help to be had is in just riding out the storm — batten down your hatches and turn into the wind.

The Wind had been blowing from so many intense directions lately, I didn’t know which way to turn.

Turns out, for me, the only way to stay steady, is to turn into the Above, Below, Before, Behind, Left, Right, and Within.

This reminds me of the much bigger story that I am a part of. It helps me hold my priorities in order and organizes them into nature’s rhythms and relationships.

These rhythms and relationships are true whether we believe in them or not.

So, when my mind starts playing mean tapes, and the clouds in my head have been covering the stars so long that I’ve lost my way, the Mesa is there.

It’s all the way there.

It holds me and everyone I know and everyone I don’t. It holds everyone I’ve met, will meet or have forgotten from long ago. There’s a sense of security in having an arrangement of objects that reflects the natural order of life, and my Self with true beauty and space.

The journey of myself is of Soul. It is my propeller, my rudder, and my hot and stormy weather.

The Soul is what contains my instinct for magic, and my inability to eat meat. It’s what makes me cry at commercials and oh wait, that’s my hormones. Women, do you feel me? My Soul – my Soul is what houses my brightest stories and my darkest ones. It’s what compels me to sit quietly in front of my mesa when the world is lost and it’s what reminds me that beauty is found in all of life’s expressions, even the hardest ones.

I will leave you with a poem in hopes that a modicum of beauty can return to your visage…

K’uychi Muyukuna (Rainbow Seed Circles)

Rainbow fabric rising out of blackness
Magic raptured in eternal madness
Patterned in Every cell within a cell
Like the wheel within the wheel
Like all the elements within each element
Distinct eruption of a common uniquehood.
We are woven in rainbow and the beauty is


Amy Mermaid Isakov is a tech savvy and innovative dreamer passionate about connection, spirituality, music, ritual arts, and how the Divine can manifest in all its forms. Having left the traditional education path, she has studied in-depth with shamans, bodyworkers, evolutionary thought leaders, and green builders since 2001. She is a Pachakuti Mesa carrier, writer, teacher, singer, and mother — among other things. You can reach Amy at TeachHeart@me.com.

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