Shardai Imanara Moon

Shardai has dedicated her life in service to the reawakening of the Sacred Feminine in all Her forms, and to the reclamation of the Sacred within our global village. She has served her community as an RN for over a decade and is an ongoing apprentice and teacher of Alchemy, Shamanism, Priestessing, Sound Vibration, Ceremony, Rewilding, Nature Connection and Regenerative Community Design. Through Sacred Center Sanctuary, Shardai helps others remember how to live a sacred life. In guiding private healings, group apprenticeships, and Women’s Temples, she invites the Ancient Wisdom Keepers to come forward to offer their healing gifts and transmissions to those who are ready. She believes that the very wisdom & healing we seek is seeking to be re-Membered from within us. It is her honor to help re-Member You. Shardai resides in Hawaii and offers remote healing services, please contact her directly.

You long for a platform, for a community of loving anchors, in which to express the wisdom that lies deep within. You wish for the freedom to live your life in rhythm with the sacred.

– Shardai Imanara Moon

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PMT Apprenticeship Trainings + Events

These trainings are done in person. Contact Shardai to set up a PMT course in your area.

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