Robin Harman

With degrees in music, ethics and the arts, Robin’s commitment to infusing an essence of Spirit into service to Pachamama colors the shape and design of her work. Apprenticed in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition with don Oscar Miro-Quesada Solevo in 1993, Robin also draws on experience as a meditation therapy facilitator and additional in-depth consciousness training. Her ability as a guide for inner exploration is informed by lessons learned in walking a shamanic path. She credits a decades-long apprenticeship with Life itself as a profound training.

As teacher, Robin invites us to deeply engage while maintaining a perspective that is balanced by humor and with appreciation for the nature of the dance of life. As healer, Robin enters sacred space to partner with spirit allies, soul, and the truth of embodied wisdom to manifest that which serves the highest good. As human, utterly in love with our beloved Earth Mother, she stands in alignment with spirit of place and often-ritualized adoration of the luminous presence of all living beings. Robin resides in Georgia.


PMT Apprenticeship Trainings + Events

These trainings are done in person. Contact Robin to set up a PMT course in your area.

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Conversation with don Oscar

In this conversation with don Oscar, Robin shares what initially drew her to the  Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Arts,
and the ways in which her life has been significantly changed, evolved and transformed as a result of becoming a Sanctioned Teacher.

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