Joella Walker

After many years of searching for a spiritual community and practice, Joella found her home and her tribe in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Born with a natural sensitivity to the unseen world and an innate sense of being a part of a greater living planet, Joella found deep resonance with the path of the shaman.  Drawing from her profound experiences as both shamanic healer, and licensed psychotherapist, Joella employs deep listening, compassion, creativity, and a contagious passion for this medicine path in order to help others find their spiritual path, heal their wounds, and walk the balance of human realities in the presence of nature’s mysteries and the unseen world.

Joella has pursued undergraduate and graduate studies in art, anthropology, digital media, computer science, social work, and spirituality.  She is a licensed clinical social worker, a certified spiritual director, musician, and ceremonialist.  Currently, she works in private practice as part of Burning Bear Healing Arts, offering psycho-spiritual therapy, spiritual direction, and shamanic ceremonial healing.  She enjoys the beauty of living in the moment and helping others find ease and wholeness in their lives.  Joella resides in Georgia.

I am transformed completely as a person after finishing an apprenticeship within the Pachakuti Mesa tradition. Connecting to deep history and lineage has healed the parts me that were disconnected, distracted, lonely or broken. This apprenticeship has given me words for truths that I have always instinctively KNOWN and given me a community of family that understand the world in the same way. It has given me practical tools to ground, release and seek guidance and connection. My path to service is clear now, and I now feel empowered to follow it with joy, wisdom and support.

- Alaina Hernandez


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