Glenda Skelley

Glenda’s interactions with the psyche and unseen realms, and her connections “beyond the veil” began at a very early age when she spent much of her time outdoors and encountered her first otherworldly beings and energies. That connection drove later academic pursuits seeking to understand the subtle aspects of being, and Glenda received advanced degrees in biology and psychology. Her psychological practice focuses on helping clients rediscover who they are, developing their innate gifts, and creating a path for living which encourages and supports the unfolding of authentic Self. Using cutting edge psychological techniques, ancient shamanic healing modalities, Integrative Energy Medicine, art & expressive therapies, ceremony & ritual, along with immersion in nature, Glenda’s goal is helping clients re-member and re-connect to the essence of who they are, helping restore balance and healing in the lives of those she serves. Glenda is a Medicine Carrier for the Native American Church. She has been apprenticing in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ since 2012 and became a sanctioned teacher in 2016. Glenda resides in Virginia.


PMT Apprenticeship Trainings + Events

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