Chio Robalino-Rivas, PT

Chio’s passion for healing started in 1992 when she became a Physical Therapist specializing in neurological and vestibular rehabilitation. Her devotion to healing guided her to look into other modalities, eventually leading her to European Shamanism in 2014, opening her up to Spirit in a profound way. In 2019, Chio was introduced to the significance of rituals and ceremonies through the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a gateway to a heart centered connection with the Lineages of South America. Having a great grandmother who was sought out for her midwifery and herbal healing skills, Chio’s family lineage is one of community healing. She is immensely honored to be of service to Pachamama and to all life on Pachamama. She embodies compassion and guides students through this multi-layered tradition while providing a supportive space for personal healing and transformation. Chio was born in the mountain city of Riobamba, Ecuador, and has maintained a deep connection with Chimborazo and Altar Apukuna (Mountains) of her birth – the lineage of the Andean traditions is embedded within her DNA. She now resides in Sacramento, California and offers remote healing services, please contact her directly.


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