Become a Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Sanctioned Teacher

  1. All aspiring PMT teachers are required to complete the PMT Foundational Apprenticeship Series with one of the PMT Sanctioned Teachers. The student can either attend a Series already listed on the THOTH website or sponsor a Teacher to travel to their community to teach the Series.
  2.  The student’s PMT Sanctioned Teacher will make a determination whether to recommend to don Oscar the aspiring Teacher for sanction or recommend further study.
  3. All aspiring PMT Teachers are required to participate in at least two (2) in-person intensives and/or a Peru pilgrimage with don Oscar.
  4. All aspiring PMT Teachers are required to complete a traditional 3-day paqowachu.
  5. Once don Oscar receives a recommendation from the student’s PMT Sanctioned Teacher, he will ask the student to write a letter answering a series of questions. He will then follow up with a personal phone call to the student.
  6. After the above process is complete, don Oscar will ascertain whether the student’s life path is in alignment with the duties and principles of what it means to become a PMT Sanctioned Teacher.
  7. Once the individual’s life path is determined by don Oscar to be in alignment, they become a ‘PMT Sanctioned Teacher’. However, the sanction by don Oscar does not go into effect until the new Teacher’s first PMT Apprenticeship Series is scheduled and approved by the PMT
  8. The newly sanctioned teacher has one (1) year from their call with don Oscar to activate their sanction by scheduling their first Apprenticeship Series. If they cannot meet these requirements within a year, they will need to renew or end their compacto with don Oscar.
  9. Once their PMT Series is scheduled, the new PMT Sanctioned Teacher will receive orientation details and a list of requirements regarding their bio, photos, and additional marketing material that must be submitted before they will be added to the THOTH website or promoted in social media. They will also receive access to all of the Sponsorship files and PMT Teaching Materials on the Teacher Portal. A careful and thorough read of these documents is required.
  10. Upon scheduling their first five-part PMT Apprenticeship Series, the sanction will go into effect and the PMT Sanctioned Teacher will be listed as such on the THOTH website and may begin to use the title in their marketing. The New PMT Sanctioned Teacher is encouraged to seek support from any other PMT Sanctioned Teachers, regarding any aspect of the PMT content, process, programs and teachings.
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