You just naturally want to complete the rest of it, don’t you? For those of you who know and use these sacred Peruvian incantations, we have toned them hundreds and thousands of times to open and activate our Pachakuti mesas (and close them, too.) We’ve used them in ceremony and ritual, to connect to the elements, to establish an energetic container, to ask for guidance, or to do healing work. These chants are among the first we memorize when learning to work with the mesa.

One of the earliest teachings I remember about the mesa is that YOU are the mesa. You carry the medicine. You are the medicine. The mesa is just an out-picturing of you, comprised of physical items that represent various non-physical forces. Like a control panel that helps you engage and direct energies for personal and planetary work, as don Oscar has commonly described it.

Recently, a fundamental aspect of this relationship really sunk in for me. I was opening my mesa in preparation to do work with clients and it hit me: When I open my mesa, I’m opening me. When I activate my mesa, I’m activating me. Opening the mesa initiates a whole cascade of energetic events. It begins to set an energetic field or container for the work you are about to engage in. It presences all of the guides, helpers, allies, directional elements, and other beings you would have assist, witness or protect you. It is an act of reverence, as speaking and acknowledging these forces honors their medicine and power.

The act of opening the mesa makes you slow down and become deliberate and present. This allows you to align with your center, slow your biorhythms, and ground in the earth plane. At the same time it opens you up like an inter-dimensional portal through which you can access and traverse the Ukhupacha, Hanaqpacha or Kaypacha (the three realms, or worlds) as needed.

Using your voice to generate sound creates a magic all its own. Toning helps to align your personal field with higher frequencies. Feeling the resonance and tingling in my head and nasal passages is always a clear sign that my personal frequency is entraining to a higher level. It also serves as confirmation that life force energy is flowing strongly through all of my chakras, allowing me to be an unobstructed channel, or hollow bone, for what wants to come through me.

Activating our mesa brings us into sacred relationship with the greater world around us. By toning the directions, speaking the names of our allies and helpers, and acknowledging the entire unseen realm, we are in fact embracing our place in the cosmos. It is an act of simultaneously recognizing that we are autonomous beings who possess our own inner spiritual authority, and yet, we choose not to conduct our life in isolation. Through this sacred tending of the mesa, our relationship with the unseen realms is fostered and strengthened. Through humility we understand the gift it is to receive the presence and assistance of our non-physical partners.

As sovereign beings we understand that we do not need an intermediary to convey the desires of or direct our relationship with Creator. Instead, we choose to consciously ally ourselves with the many and marvelous forms of Great Spirit: the angels, animal helping spirits, the elements, Gaia, our star relatives, the mineral, plant and animal kingdoms. They are all our partners and guides, not authorities over us. Opening the mesa means inviting conscious equal partnership, wherein we each recognize and honor one another’s gifts, power, unique expression, and sovereignty, whether it’s in the form a rock, feather, energetic presence, or another human being.

But even more than invoking these elements “outside” of us, when we open our mesa we are invoking the highest in our Selves. We are activating our highest wisdom, perspective, and consciousness. We are choosing to call in the infinite wisdom of the Universe. We are summoning our God/dess-consciousness.

Opening your mesa is an initiation into Love. Love of yourself ultimately because, remember, you are the mesa. It is like a courtship. For what do you do when you fall in love with someone? You call their name, offer them gifts, sing or play music for them, spend time with them, hold them, acknowledge them, open yourself up to them, are present with them. Love reveals entirely new dimensions. It brings out the best in you. It fills you up.

And from this place of being filled, you find you naturally have so much to give others. A desire to be of service springs out of the overflowing exuberance in your heart. Being a mesa carrier is about being of service. And that doesn’t necessarily carry an expectation of being a healer or teacher. Being of service to your Self is just as meaningful and, truthfully, where we all must start. Because if our cup is empty, what is there to offer another?

So next time you open your mesa, allow yourself to receive the gift of your own love, devotion and reverence. For when you open your mesa, you are opening you. And when you open you, you become a portal for love.


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Stephanie Red Feather, PhD

Stephanie Red Feather, PhD

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Stephanie Red Feather is a soul wisdom excavator. Through experiential workshops, wisdom teachings, private facilitation, and initiatory processes, Stephanie helps you find your truth, trust your heart, and own your spiritual authority. She has been supporting seekers in their spiritual journeys and personal transformation for over 11 years.

Her specialties include shamanism, embodiment, divine feminine mysteries, life as an empath, Shamanic Breathwork™, Shakti life force, inner authority, masculine/feminine balance, shadow work, energy healing and Reiki, and Voice Dialogue.

Stephanie is a Magdalene High Priestess and facilitator of the Priestess Process™. She is a certified Shamanic Breathwork™ facilitator and ordained shamanic minister through Venus Rising Association for Transformation as well as a certified spiritual healer through the International Assembly of Spiritual Healers and Earth Stewards. Stephanie holds a Doctoral Degree in Shamanic Psycho-Spiritual Studies and has been a practitioner in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition for over 11 years.

In addition, Stephanie is a writer and prolific creator of programs and materials including Earth Embodiment School™, the Shamanic Dance of Transformation, Soul Check-In, the Embodiment How-To Manual, and How to Make Decisions with Your Heart: A Guided Meditation. She is preparing to publish her first book on being an evolutionary empath.