Vision Quest at Koli, Finland with Helena Karhu

We invite you to explore your own powerful nature, supported by the powerful nature in Koli National Park.


Aug 23 - 27, 2023



Wednesday – Sunday
23rd-27th August 2023

Vision Quest is a shamanic work method that is related to exploring and taking possession of one’s own power. It can also be a healing journey to connect with nature and find your own courage. Thirdly, it can be an opportunity to explore shamanic consciousness by looking at the worlds outside of ordinary daytime consciousness.

We are preparing for a Vision Quest trip on the shores of the sacred Lake Pielinen. We gather at the time when summer is turning into autumn. You will get to know Koli National Park and learn more about the importance of Koli and Pielinen in our lives. We will prepare for this Vision Quest carefully and well in advance in a small group of 5 people. We will hold a preparatory Zoom meeting at the end of Spring at a mutually agreed time.

The goal of this joint course is to strengthen our service work as shamanic practitioners, to strengthen our connection with nature spirits and our guides, and to deepen our experiential base regarding shamanic exercises in a safe and guided environment. This course is an amazing opportunity for a strong inner and silent journey supported by the powerful nature of Koli.

The course is suitable for those with previous shamanic practice and for deepening shamanistic work.

Guided by: Helena Karhu (House of the Bear, Finland)
Location: Koli National Park, Finland
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