David Jordan

“We all have choices available to us that will further the Great Work, be they deeply personal and private decisions or practices, communal ceremony, or public activism. We all have gifts and abilities that when focused and applied to the wounds of this world, are capable of bringing about tremendous change, progress, and healing. Now is the time to persevere through the doubt, fear and uncertainty, to claim our power of intention. The world needs us.”
Writer’s Forum – David “Burning Bear” Jordan

As a sanctioned teacher, David is passionate about sharing the power and beauty of the Pachakuti Mesa. With the excitement and intensity of one who has experienced shamanic healing firsthand, his goal is to help wholeness manifest wherever it is lacking. In his journey he resonated with others who hungered for a spiritual practice that was both transformational and practical. David knows well the challenge of living as an embodied spirit that yearns to align with the ideals of right action, compassion, spiritual wisdom, and unity. Ultimately accepting the struggles to live heartfully as one among many, he has learned to intentionally honor the intrinsic importance of diversity and interdependence. David wears the mantle of one who seeks to serve as an active agent of peace and reconciliation on the personal and planetary levels. For this reason he has devoted himself to walking a shamanic path, which he seeks to express in his daily efforts to grow corn and potatoes as well as in his opportunities to serve as healer and guide.
David was born in Japan close to the sacred Apu Takeo, but was raised in his family’s home town of Stone Mountain, Georgia. Having been exposed for much of his early formative years to the energies of these two powerful mountains, he found himself drawn to the spiritual qualities of the natural world.

He has engaged native spirituality and shamanism for over 20 years and has experienced first-hand the power of the unseen world to transform life. Being first exposed to Turtle Island pipe and sweat lodge ceremonies in the 90’s, David eventually found strong resonance with Heart Island shamanic traditions in the mid 2000’s. While navigating his own initiatory struggles, he was blessed to find and work with a PMT trained shamanic practitioner who was also a licensed psychotherapist. Over the course of 10 or so years, this relationship and the techniques utilized brought great healing and solace. It was then that he sought out opportunities to formally apprentice.

Following the example of his trusted healer and guide, David undertook his shamanic apprenticeship and completed the 5-Part PMT program under sanctioned teacher Cynthia Greer. In the years since, he has also completed numerous advanced apprenticeship trainings offered by don Oscar Miro-Quesada, by sanctioned PMT teachers on the East and West Coasts, and by the Qollasuyu Council. David now regularly participates in local and regional ceremonial gatherings, and maintains a home-based medicine lodge. He finds practical and meaningful ways to integrate earth-honoring ritual arts into his daily life as he furthers his own transformational healing and shares this medicine with others.
In addition to his shamanic lineage training, David holds a Master of Theological Studies degree in Medieval Spirituality from Emory University and a Master of Arts degree in Counseling Psychology from Prescott College. David is a licensed professional counselor with certifications in clinical supervision and trauma. His professional background includes service as the Director of Counseling for a wilderness-based residential treatment program for adolescents, as an Adjunct Faculty Instructor at North Georgia College, as the Vice President of Operations for a faith-based social service organization, and as a Program Director for a large non-profit home health and case management agency. David currently works full-time as the Director of a community mental health center near Atlanta and part-time as the owner and operator of Burning Bear Healing Arts, LLC, where he is in private practice offering psychotherapy, supervision, spiritual direction, and shamanic ceremonial healing.

David now makes his home in Decatur, Georgia, which is within sight of Apu Stone Moutain. He is married to a gifted and dedicated social worker, and the father of two brilliant teenage children. Truly, he counts as blessings all the many joys, responsibilities, and occasional dramas that go along with such a life.

Contact Info

David Jordan, MTS, MA, LPC, CPCS, CCTP-II
Burning Bear Healing Arts, LLC
Resides In: Georgia
Text / Phone:  (678) 313-9355


PMT Sanctioned Teacher
Master in Theological Studies, Emory University
Master of Arts in Counseling Psychology, Prescott College
Licensed Professional Counselor
Certified Professional Counselor Supervisor
Certified Clinical Trauma Priofesional Level II
Certificate in Neuroscience
Certificate in Internal Family Systems for Complex Trauma

Published Works

“A Wakeup Call”
“Destination Manifestation”
“Re-Membering Self: Mesa as Mirror”
“Initiation: Claiming Power from Our Past”
“Hollow Bone: The Challenge of Non-Attachment”
“Vista: Re-Membering to Trust”
“Ayni: Moving from Doing to Being”
“Clinical Shamanism” – published in professional journal, National Association of Therapeutic Wilderness Camps
“Gaian Soul Therapy” – A graduate thesis

“I participated in David’s PMT apprenticeship in order to create and discover a spiritual healing modality. Through learning from David, I feel connected and inspired by the entire PMT. I am so excited to continue learning from him.”

Nicole Schmike

Dallas GA

“David Jordon’s PMT apprenticeship teachings are amazing and I am lucky to be a part of them.”
Zoe Ader


“David Jordan brings years of experience and a thorough knowledge of his subject along with a deep love and passion for the Pachakuti Mesa tradition to his teachings.

My studies with him have illuminated this tradition and the path of the Patchakuti Mesa and it’s medicine”

Scott Buck

Decatur, GA

“Until I started the PMT apprenticeship, I was a self-proclaimed spiritual wanderer hungry for a path that resonated with who I am. David graciously shared PMT ceremony with my spiritual direction community and I was immediately intrigued. I was drawn by David’s energy and the intuitive meaningful structure of PMT. David gently invited me to experience the five-part apprenticeship. Unsure of what to expect, I trusted the process to explore. I was blown away in the first weekend intensive which provided me very tangible metaphors for how I exist in relationship to self, community, and the plant. Through the journey and process work I accessed and cleared (re-membered) shadows that haunted me for decades. The second intensive allowed me more deeply-rooted connection with Mother Earth and the wonders of the Cosmos. The third weekend energized my practice and relationships on my path. And the fourth intensive, wow. Now I get that the mesa carriers have access to personal, communal, and planetary transformation and healing and that PMT it is a beautiful powerful thing. Witnessing how David lives the Great Work in his work, life, relationships, and community inspires me to do the same. Looking forward to the fifth weekend, but not until I experience the next three months of practice, journeys, healing, and ceremony.”
Joella W, LMSW

Decatur, GA