Gabriella Galvan

Gabriella Galvan is a ceremonialist, healer and a Mesa Carrier in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, is fully trained as a Shamanic Practitioner, Reiki Master, Advanced Dreamwork, Past and Between Life Regression therapist, Qi Gong instructor, Crystal healer and Intuitive/Spiritual Counselor. She walks the path of the Wounded Healer, with studies in a wide range of modalities, esoteric arts and communing deeply with nature and her guides, and by diving deeply and doing shadow work into her own psyche, has brought tremendous healing to her own life. This has been a driving force and catalyst in her service work with others as a facilitator and in teaching others to empower themselves and showing them that THEY are the true healers. Helping and sharing knowledge with others with a compassionate open heart has brought the greatest joy into her life. Gabriella currently lives in Brownsville, Texas.