Janet Harvey

Poet, artist, seeker and guide, Janet approaches the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ with respect for the wisdom and practices of the Lineage and its continual unfolding through the life and practice of each mesa carrier. Janet finds the extraordinary in the ordinary. A religious educator, mediator and chaplain, she has explored various mystical traditions, created ceremonies, and bridged the seen and unseen worlds. By serendipity and fortuitous timing, she encountered the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™ where her imagination found a focus and her creativity a form. Studying with don Oscar over the course of fifteen years, Janet continues to be an active member of the Ancient Mountains Ayllu and Qollasuyu Council, planning events, pilgrimages, and ceremonies. She brings a calm presence, guiding students through the multi-dimensions of this deep tradition and supporting the creation of a powerful personal healing altar that mirrors and supports one′s soul and invites one to take the next step in the great journey. Janet resides in Maryland.

PMT Apprenticeship Trainings + Events

These trainings are done in person. Contact Janet to set up a PMT course in your area.

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Conversation with don Oscar

In this conversation with don Oscar, Janet shares what initially drew her to the  Pachakuti Mesa Tradition Shamanic Arts,
and the ways in which her life has been significantly changed, evolved and transformed as a result of becoming a Sanctioned Teacher.

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