Autumn Paige Moler

Autumn is a modern Renaissance woman who has devoted her life to protecting and serving Pachamama, doing the sacred Work of living and teaching an earth-honoring existence. Throughout the past 15 years, she has gathered many skills from her studies and experiences as a vocalist and musician, an early-childhood educator, a labor and birthing doula, a yoga instructor, and a Qabalist. In 2016, stepping into deeper communion with the Earth and the unseen realms, Autumn became a sanctioned teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™. She vowed to share the sacred teachings from Peru, in which she apprenticed and made the foundation of her life, since she was introduced to this beautiful and powerful lineage in 2012. Mother and wife first, Autumn’s intention is to create and nurture community. She extends her love for family by facilitating ongoing ceremonies, workshops, and healing sessions to help support others in transforming their lives for the better. Autumn resides in Kansas.

"The synergy between Daniel and Autumn is amazingly beautiful, intense, and powerful. The balance of the feminine and masculine brings depth to the teachings of the mind and the heart."

– Jim S.

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PMT Apprenticeship Trainings + Events

These trainings are done in person. Contact Autumn to set up a PMT course in your area.

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