Alexander Kugler

Alexander Kugler was born into an Ashkenazi Jewish household where music and debate were celebrated. After 15 years as an opera singer Alexander passed through a ‘dark night of the soul’ and was caught by our teacher, don Oscar Miro-Quesada, who invited him into the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition™. Years later, the Medicine of the Dagara people from Burkina Faso grabbed him and guided him to be initiated into “Stick Medicine” which now guides and supports the healing he offers including his men’s work through Manhood Embodied, an evolutionary, prayer-based men’s coaching program. Alexander loves to share the spiritual technology he has gathered and in addition to his weekly online prayer group called “Walking our Prayers” he teaches nationally with his chosen family of spiritual educators. Alexander resides in El Cerrito, California. He offers remote healing services, please contact him directly.

What I most love about Alex as a teacher is his great passion. He whole-heartedly loves this work, loves his maestro, loves his students. His big heart is open and vulnerable, yet that only serves to heighten his gentle authority and evoke more trust. The weekend was a lot, but I left wanting more. Thank you, Alex

– Jamera B.

Conversation with don Oscar


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