Core Practices

The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, in all its richness, is an evolving practice of inner and outer activities that restore balance and harmony to our relationship with All That Is.

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Creating a Basic Mesa

The Mesa you will learn about here is a synthesis of Peruvian shamanic coastal traditions combined with southeastern Andean Paqokuna practices. The Pachakuti Mesa anchors the universe in front of you and brings the cosmos to you.

Hucha Mikhuy

A great practical and developmental asset to the healer is the ability to organically cleanse and transform hucha from the body. Hucha mikhuy is the process of activating the kurku k’anchay’s inborn capacity to rid itself of the density that hinders the natural expression of health and creativity.

Becoming Hampikamayoq

Becoming a medicine carrier means that you will have increased capacity for manifesting change in the world. Identifying some dream or vision of how you might be in service and right relationship to your family, friends, community, or the planet itself, is an important element of this work.

Hampikamayoq Breathwork

The purpose of Hampikamayoq breathwork is threefold: To cleanse and clear dense energy; To fortify the energy system by the deliberate intake and distribution of Kawsay; To make the healer a better carrier of spirit medicine.

Mesa Evolution

Video by Yola Dunne – “I wondered how the evolution of my mesa, from the introductory class until now, would appear on video. So I played around, and came up with this. This is one way for me to express how this class (and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition) has impacted my life.”

Ayni for Changemakers

This video provides a lesson on Ayni, sacred reciprocity, one of the the foundations of the The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Simple ayni practices are included.

The Five Directions

The Sami Brothers intone the five directions of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition including Pachamama (south), Mamakilla (west), Wiracocha (north), Inti (east) and K’uychi (center).

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