Judy Hoaglund

Judy Hoaglund

Shamanism represents an experiential doorway into the Great Mystery of Being. It fosters direct contact with the Spirit Realm, in which reside myriad beings, forces, powers and wisdom that we, in the West, have dismissed as “make believe”. Once you make direct contact with these realms, and have actual experience of them, you know for sure that these realms, beings, forces, etc. are real, palpable and powerful. It becomes very clear that there exists much more than the physical world that we have been taught is all there is. Shamanic technologies are very sophisticated and effective in their ability to foster deep connection to the spiritual realities that exist in our Multiverse. After many years exploring the shamanic realms, Judy still considers herself a student of the Great Mystery.

Judy has been a Pachakuti Mesa Carrier since 2001. In 2009, she was endorsed as a senior instructor for the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition: Shamanic Arts for Personal and Planetary Transformation Apprenticeship Series. Judy has found that her greatest joy lies in teaching and sharing what she has learned with all those who want to learn. Currently, Judy teaches basic and advanced classes in shamanism, healing and Earth Stewardship, as well as the PMT apprenticeship series. All these experiential immersions into the ritual and ceremony of shamanic wisdom are truly transforming for those who wholeheartedly immerse themselves in the training. Judy has received the Nine Rites of the Munay-Ki and also transmits these Rites to interested seekers. She also maintains a private healing and ceremonial practice, using a variety of spiritual, indigenous, shamanic, intuitive and modern energy healing techniques. Judy states that: “watching people transform is the most amazing gift I receive from this work.”

Judy has spent her life exploring deep spirituality, alchemy, healing, ethnobotany, the natural world and shamanism. Her travels in search of self-healing and wisdom have taken her on pilgrimages and visits to India, Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Colombia, Mexico, Guatemala, Belize, Nicaragua, Costa Rica, Turkey, England, Germany, Italy and Greece. She has lived a year or more in Israel, Chile and Honduras. This pathway has evolved into an Earthwalk of service, stewardship and healing for all beings and our Pachamama. Judy has a deep love and affinity for the plant kingdom, in all its majesty and diversity. She has a passion for the profound healing that our plant relatives can offer us, on all levels of being.

PMT-teacher-judy2Judy has been working in the field of healing, mysticism and consciousness since 1977. Her background includes a variety of teachings and modalities, including initiations into the Sufi Order of the West, an apprenticeship into working with master plant teachers, depth hypnosis, shamanic breathwork, becoming a Reiki Master, as well as Peruvian shamanism. Judy’s passion now is to pass on to others all that she has gleaned in her many years of study.

Judy offers a variety of other mesa related services. She enjoys a thriving private healing and ceremonial practice, using a variety of spiritual, indigenous, shamanic, intuitive and modern energy healing techniques, including Reiki, hypnosis, guided journeys and shamanic breath work. She offers mentoring and counseling services, both in-person and by phone.

Judy has completed both The Shift Network 7 and 25 week on-line courses with don Oscar, and is mentoring students of those programs. She is often consulted about using ceremony and ritual to address issues such as house clearings, land blessing, working with the Unseen Beings, etc.

Contact Info

Region: Southwest United States
State: California
Email: jhoaglund@earthlink.net
Phone: 707-829-9017
Website: www.ShamanicAlchemy.net
Link to: PMT Apprenticeship Schedule


  • PMT teacher sanctioned by don OMQ since 2009
  • Minister of Universal Life Church, 2002
  • Reiki Master Teacher
  • MS, Nutrition, Oregon State University

“As an Art Therapist I work with many different people, often looking to heal and transform trauma, loss and implicit material/experiences. This apprenticeship training provided me with clear ways of working with energy. Judy Hoaglund brings a reassuring mix of integrity and openness and much appreciated generosity with these teachings. Thank you very much.”

Nicole T.

Nelson, B.C.

“Judy Hoaglund is a remarkable woman and healer. She has warmth, enthusiasm and passion. She is a shaman, guide, teacher, mentor, ceremonialist and friend. Her vast experience and understanding of the Pachakuti Mesa make her a gift for new and old practitioner alike. I feel blessed, honored and humbled to have had her as my instructor.”

Deborah S.

Novato, CA

“As a massage therapist and energy healer, I have struggled over the years with feeling depleted after sessions with some of my clients. A friend told me I should have a mesa because it helps manage energies. This seemed to be a broad and incomprehensible concept at the time, but I decided to take the first class in the PMT apprenticeship series to see if this was true. I was wary of adding another belief system to my life and carried a healthy skepticism to the workshop.

My experience that first weekend with Judy Hoaglund as my teacher was transformative. She conveyed the complexities of this rich, lineage tradition in a way that was accessible, engaging and enjoyable.

I have now completed the 5 part PMT apprenticeship with Judy, and have incorporated the form and ritual of this practice into my life and my work with clients. I have a much deeper understanding of energy and a confidence in my work with others that I have never had before.

As a teacher and a practitioner, Judy embodies wisdom, integrity, transparency and a joy for living that truly inspires me. Judy’s teaching and guidance in the PMT apprenticeship has been an elegant bridge to don Oscar and his teachings. I am happy to be a member of this community and to have a practice that has opened my relationship to the Spirit in All.”

Marin Casassa

Shamanic Practitioner

“The Pachakuti Mesa is tranformative, rich and light filled, almost beyond telling. It has the power to transform you, your life and the world around you. It is a deep and beautiful medicine and Judy Hoaglund is a deep and beautiful healer. She is also a gifted teacher, a loving presence, a well of information and a being of light. I’ve been honored to be her student. Are you ready for the medicine? If you are, and Judy is your teacher, you will be in gifted hands. I cannot thank her enough for the positive changes that she has brought into my life.”


Greenville, SC

“Judy Hoaglund went above and beyond whatever expectations I had. These teachings are what our planet needs to awaken. So beautiful, powerful, and transformative. Deep deep gratitude to all the carriers of this tradition and may many awaken through the power of these teachings.”

Tanin S.

Nelson B.C.

“The PMT trainings with Judy have added a huge piece to my understanding of the Peruvian Andean Mesa tradition. With great insight and a huge capacity for imparting wisdom and knowledge, Judy has become a big influence in my life and a good friend.

With my Mesa in my healing space, I am much more prepared and empowered to face life’s challenges by developing a direct connection to all the forces of nature.”

Alan Waugh

San Francisco, CA

“I began working with Judy Hoaglund in the summer of 2010. I was suffering greatly from trauma, loss, and grief, and I knew I needed shamanic work, but knew nothing beyond that.

My work with Judy changed my life. She created and held sacred space for me where I could start to shed the trauma, grieve the loss, and heal – and beyond that, to reclaim myself and step into my own power. We worked together, seeking insights from our guides and retrieving soul fragments. She was a gifted healer and teacher, empowering me to do the work I needed to do. She was both fierce and compassionate, incredibly generous, patient and loving.

I am truly a different person now, scarred but healed and whole. Judy continues to be my mentor and my friend. I hold her in the highest regard, and am grateful and happy every day for her being in my life.”

Jenna Joya Blondel


“Judy Hoaglund brings a vast depth and breadth of understanding of this PMT tradition. She has a true gift for organizing complex information into manageable instructions, pulling together its myriad concepts and practices that are part of the lineage.”

Kathy Evans-Palmisano, RN, CNM, MS

Pittsburgh, PA

“Judy’s teaching abilities far surpassed my expectations. Her knowledge and transmissions of the lessons made clear many questions I had about the PMT path. I am forever changed and grateful.”

Regina Rivers

Eighty Four, PA

“Judy holds impeccable space for us to feel safe and open our hearts and minds. Her wisdom, generosity and knowledge of the PMT is exemplary. I deepened my understanding of how to use this ‘game board.'”

Deborah Epstein

Sedona, AZ