Intermediate Apprenticeship with Garry Caudill

Teacher: Garry Caudill
Location: Boulder, CO
: Garry Caudill
Phone: (720) 635-4514

“Garry is so intuitively patient with us as we each work through our processes–with gentle nudges in the directions of our hearts. I believe we had the best weekend yet!” ~ Melissa K., Boulder

Join Garry for Willka Hampiq: an intermediate-level apprenticeship into the Healing Arts of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. Certification is available by application. Please connect with your teacher for more info.

October 22-23, 2021
1: Kawsay: Elemental Earth Medicine for Physical Healing and Harmonization
2: Samisonqoy: Elemental Water Medicine for Emotional Healing and Harmonization
November 19-20, 2021
3: K’anchay: Elemental Air Medicine for Spiritual Healing and Harmonization
4: Samiumay: Elemental Fire Medicine for Mental Healing and Harmonization
December 10-11, 2021
5: Illanunay: Elemental Etheric Medicine for Soul Integration and Harmonization
6: Integration and Elevation

This intermediate-level apprenticeship is for students who have completed the 5-part apprenticeship or two [2] online classes with don Oscar.


Community Events with Garry (open to all):

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