Immortal Truth: A Shamanic Journey of Cosmic Awakening in Service to the Great Work – Joshua Tree, CA

Date(s) - 12/06/2018 - 12/09/2018
All Day

Joshua Tree Retreat Center


A four-day retreat/workshop of initiatory teachings and Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ritual with don Oscar Miro-Quesada within the mystical and enchanting landscape of Joshua Tree, CA.

Every gathering of Pachakuti Mesa Tradition practitioners helps amplify a universal shamanic consciousness on a global scale. Each time we align in sacred purpose as a force for doing good in the world, Mother Earth reciprocates in kind. Our conscious orchestration of Nature inspired ceremonial space allows the revelation of divinity in all our affairs. By gratefully recognizing the privilege of our shared incarnation we embody the essence of the Great Work…we allow Self, Soul and Spirit to gracefully converge into a lived experience of Immortal Truth.

Life-transforming adventure often demands the ‘death’ of our former self and complete surrender to the unknown. Like any courageous navigator of uncharted territories who yearns to discover heretofore only dreamt of worlds, having a trustworthy compass with which to favorably orient our destined trajectory is crucial for finding meaningful direction within the process of the search itself. Hence a principal focus of this advanced apprenticeship in Pachakuti Mesa Tradition ritual arts will involve the creation and use of a Spirit Compass – a soul orienting arte born from our shared experiential gnosis of Immortal Truth.

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