Condor’s Heart: An Evening of Gratitude with Jnana Gowen & Madhu Anziani

NOVEMBER 30, 2019
6:30 – 9:30 pm

In November we celebrate the spirit of Thanksgiving by expanding our gratitude for all we have & those we love. Jnana & Madhu join forces once again to create a space of sacred ritual with an evening of sound, shamanic journeying and connection as we move closer to the season of winter and its darkness. The evening includes live drumming, vocal looping and high vibrational crystal bowl, bells and a 32″ gong. This sound portal creates the landscape for journeying and sustenance for the soul.

Where: Ukhu Pacha Healing & Inquiry Space
Located at St. Alban’s Parish Hall, 1501 Washington Ave. Albany 94706
Cost: $45-$75 (sliding scale)
Host: Jnana Gowan (510)



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