Daniel Moler

Daniel Moler is a writer, artist, and educator from the American Midwest. He is the author of Shamanic Qabalah: A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work, as well as the psychedelic urban fantasy RED Mass, the Terence McKenna guidebook Machine Elves 101, and also a contributor in Ross Heaven’s book Cactus of Mystery: The Shamanic Powers of the Peruvian San Pedro Cactus. Daniel has published many other fiction and nonfiction works around the world in magazines, journals, gaming modules, and online.

As an educator, Daniel has a background of college instruction in many areas including art, literature, and philosophy. In 2011, he was sanctioned as a teacher in the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, a lineage of Peruvian shamanism brought to the U.S. by respected curandero don Oscar Miro-Quesada. Combined with a Liberal Arts background and his passion for esoteric practices, Daniel’s style of facilitation is unique, passionate, and, as one student has testified, “more grounded in reality than any explanation I have come across.”

Daniel also provides esoteric consultations. Extensively trained in a variety of traditional spiritual modalities—including the Western Mystery Traditions and indigenous shamanism, Daniel fosters a cross-cultural approach to provide sessions of safety for individuals seeking clarity or guidance in psycho-spiritual matters.

For more about Daniel’s Pachakuti Mesa Tradition apprenticeships and ceremonies, along with his wife Autumn, go to www.lodgeofthepeople.com.

For more about Daniel and his creative portfolio, go to www.danielmolerweb.com.
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Resides In: Kansas
Email: dmoler777@gmail.com
Phone: (913) 562-8792
Websites: www.danielmolerweb.com
and www.lodgeofthepeople.com
Link to: PMT Apprenticeship Schedule


  • PMT Teacher Sanctioned by don Oscar Miro-Quesada since 2011
  • Completed PMT Five Part Series in 2010
  • Holistic Energy Healing Training since 2007
  • MLA, Modern/Postmodern Theory, Baker University, 2006
  • BA, English, Art, Drury University, 1996
  • Author of fiction and non-fiction works
Daniel Moler
Daniel Moler

Feature: What Is Shamanic Qabalah?

If you are a spiritually inter-faith person, you likely have seen the title of my book and your interest was piqued. Others have been left scratching their heads: What in the world is Shamanic Qabalah and what does it mean?

The title of the book is an accumulation of all of my spiritual work thus far. I understand the title and content is very niche and would normally be confusing to most people who are not well-versed in this particular genre. I have so far attempted to define my book to others as “naturalist spirituality” and to a certain extent that is true, but it is really much more than that. To better understand, it is best to dissect the title, specifically the terms “shamanic” and “qabalah”:

  • Shamanic: this term is derivative of shaman or shamanism, which is best understood as the spiritual/medicine practices of indigenous cultures. A shaman normally serves the community by directly engaging with Spirit (God) through various interactions with the natural world. A good example of this is found all over Christian history, including the Old Testament with Moses and Elijah, as well as post-New Testament via the early Christian Gnostics. Also, Siddhartha Gautama’s direct revelation of enlightenment under the tree, which spawned Buddhist philosophy. And so on. Shamanism is not a religion. Really, it is a form of spirituality found in every religious tradition (and, in fact is the root of all religion) including Christianity, Judaism, Islam, Buddhism, Hinduism, etc. In essence, every religion’s origin is truly shamanic, because every religion started as a means of facilitating a direct relationship with God.
  • Qabalah: don’t believe the Hollywood hype. Qabalah is a system of philosophy that is nothing more than Judaic mysticism and is in fact the very basis of understanding the Old Testament. Some believe its origins stretch back even further into history. “Qabalah” is a Hebrew word that literally means “to receive,” so it is a set of concepts and ideas meant to cleanse the soul in order to receive the experience of Spirit. Qabalah has evolved from being entirely Jewish-centric, and over time was utilized by many religious traditions across the planet: Christianity, Islam, neo-paganism, etc. Many scholars believe Jesus himself would have been trained in Qabalah, being raised Jewish and even impressing the priests at the Temple, and many of his teachings incorporate Qabalistic concepts if one is trained to spot them. Elements of Qabalah have even been found through the spiritual practices of cultures throughout the world.

In a way, shamanism and Qabalah are very similar (just two different types of mathematical formula to get the same answer) and my book attempts to correlate the two in an academic but also experiential way. To describe the overall purpose of the book, here is the Book Proposal description I used to submit to my publisher, Llewellyn:

“Everyone seeks some sort of spiritual clarity in life. These pivotal times require a lucid approach to the spiritual experience, a clear guide that answers the question: “What is the goal of the spiritual experience, and how can I get there?” Although there is no definitive answer to this, our ancestors have provided direction through various modalities of mystical participation with the world around us. Known as the Mystery Traditions, these modalities have been shrouded in secrecy and symbolism for millennia.

The book Shamanic Qabalah offers an approach to the Mysteries through the precise symbolism found in Jewish and Hermetic Qabalah (also seen as “Kabbalah”) applied with the down-to-Earth techniques of indigenous shamanism. Books about Qabalah or Kabbalah often portray very interesting spiritual concepts with real-life application, but rarely get into detail regarding the archaic symbolism inherent in the tradition.

Shamanic Qabalah provides not only a sensible introduction to these mystical concepts, but also dives a little deeper into the Mysteries with practical comprehension. This book blends in numerous sources from many different traditions in order to promote a cross-cultural understanding of the material, most specifically the Peruvian shamanic lineage of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition (PMT). The PMT is a grounding spiritual practice rooted in the elements that allows the practitioner to experience spiritual transformation in a tangible way.

Shamanic Qabalah attempts to apply a more acute and scholarly manner of accessing mystical concepts, rather than platitudes and abstractions. However, even as an intellectual read, Shamanic Qabalah is erudite and clear so that it is accessible even to the average person. The goal of the book is to provide an all-in-one means for any person off of the street to begin the Great Work: communing with the unseen mysteries of the Universe for the purpose of union with the Divine.”

Shamanic Qabalah is now available: ORDER HERE!

Daniel Moler

Praise for Shamanic Qabalah

“With the passion of an enraptured mystic, the erudition of a veteran scholar and the eloquence of a virtuoso storyteller, Daniel Moler has accomplished something truly extraordinary in writing Shamanic Qabalah: A Mystical Path to Uniting the Tree of Life & the Great Work. Not only has he convincingly laid bare the shamanic foundations of our most enduring Western Mystery Tradition—the esoteric Jewish theosophical doctrine of Qabalah—he has simultaneously managed to demystify the raison d’être of our contemporary human estrangement from the sacred dimensions of life.”
–  don Oscar Miro-Quesada, kamasqa curandero andaltomisayoq from Peru, founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH), and author

“It is obvious to all that we live in a time of great change and things coming apart, and these include the myths that are the batteries of our belief systems that have held our society together for thousands of years. In response, the long-gone ancient mystery schools of the past are being resurrected and recreated in response to our need for them, and in this vein, Daniel Moler’s Shamanic Qabalah is a strong contribution that will appeal to modern mystics in the emerging transformational community. This is a compelling book and Mr. Moler is to be acclaimed as he has created very good medicine indeed.”
–  Hank Wesselman, PhD., anthropologist and author of nine books on shamanism

“Daniel Moler’s Shamanic Qabalah is a testament to the oft-forgotten truth that the many paths eventually merge into the one Great Path, the recovery of the Undivided Self. His insightful and creative examination and interpretation of Qabalah—and its correspondences to a rich array of mystical traditions and Mystery Schools from the Andean paqokuna to Tarot—is a richly detailed map to help guide us on this personal journey.”
– Joan Parisi Wilcox, author of Masters of the Living Energy: The Mystical World of the Q’ero of Peru

“Daniel and Autumn create a beautiful sacred space in which to learn, practice, and be present in. I am grateful for their comprehensive knowledge and wisdom and their ability to meet the needs of our group. They are a great team and balance each other well.”

Carol G.

Des Moines, IA

“I feel so much gratitude for the experience of engaging in the PMT apprenticeship and having the opportunity of learning the traditions of this beautiful path. Daniel (Moler) imparted information in a way that was both personal and understandable; he was in service to his students providing support, clarification, and assistance during and outside of the apprenticeship weekends. I found the journeys, ceremonies, and rituals to be deeply effective and meaningful. Daniel has equal abilities of teaching and of practice; he is an example of one who truly lives the Great Work.”

Amy Cheung


“I highly suggest embarking on the profound journey of the PMT Apprenticeship! This year-long “course” will change your life for the better; you will learn a great deal about yourself and look upon life with a deeper appreciation and universal understanding. Daniel’s passion, knowledge, and true love for the PMT exudes thru his teachings. His combination of teaching styles, tools, and interactive activities will keep you captivated throughout the year and sharply educate you on this divine lineage. The love and support you will receive from Daniel (Moler) will touch upon your soul. His pure love for the work that he does and his overall compassion for his students is second to none.”

Taryn Kelly


Daniel Moler
Daniel Moler
Daniel Moler