Basic Practices

Fundamental concepts and rituals to assist aspirants of the shamanic arts to live a life in balance and in harmony with all of nature.

To learn about the Basic Practices of The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, please click on the links below.

Creating a Basic Mesa

The Pachakuti Mesa (altar) is a synthesis of Peruvian shamanic coastal traditions and southeastern Andean Paqokuna practices.

The Five Directions

The Sāmi Brothers intone this essential ceremonial opening for personal and group communication with the Spirit Realm.

Pachamama Renewal Process

A graceful ritual integrating mudras, Quechua intonations, pranic breathing and posture. See also the video below.

Wednesday Night Link Up

A weekly opportunity for each of us to contribute to a concentrated global intention for the healing of Pachamama as well as the collective psyche.

Introduction to the Pachakuti Mesa

In this video don Oscar demonstrates consecrating the ground and configuring a basic Pachakuti Mesa.

Pachamama Renewal Process

Don Oscar demonstrates this graceful ritual integrating mudras, Quechua intonations, pranic breathing and posture to feed the living energy matrix of Pachamama.

Ayni for Changemakers

A contemporary lesson on sacred reciprocity, or ayni, a foundational principle of The Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.

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