garden-lgFour years ago, when we started the vegetable garden, I put my sweat, blood, tears, smiles and all my really hard work to work the soil, to prepare the best ways we could imagine that is healthy, natural and healing to the earth and all the inhabitants of the land that will eat from it.

So what better ways to do this than to use some of the dirt/soil that we worked with in the healing series? First I looked over all my notes to figure out how to use it, but i couldn’t find instructions. Then I remembered when Oscar told me “once I get over myself, I will know instinctively what to do”, so I just sprinkled a little soil around, and kept mixing it and working it into the ground with the intentions of spreading the healing energy and the love that I receive every single time I sit in circles with you.

That intention had spread over the years all around and created the most beautiful vegetable garden that I’ve ever seen (of course I am not taking all the credit for it). Besides its beauty, the produce that comes out of the garden has clean high energetic vibration. Many many people in fact said that something about our vegetables are just “unexplainable.”

I wanted you and Oscar to taste and enjoy it, just like the Dalai Lama did.

Two weekends ago, the Dalai Lama was celebrating his 80th Birthday in Irvine, and all the food that was prepared for his party was exclusively from our garden.

So the Dalai Lama himself ate Oscar’s teachings and everything that comes through the invisible world….the energetic ripple is just amazing. I thought Oscar might like to know that. I was very very happy about that.

I may not speak out loud how much I appreciate Oscar’s teachings, but in every action I take I remember, and I am eternally grateful for them, and grateful for your presence in my life. I sent you (Cindy and don Oscar)  little bit of everything that was available in the garden now, I just hope they will get there in a decent shape. I hope you will enjoy them.

Maria Takacs
July 2015