Travel with don Oscar Miro-Quesada

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Shamanic Peru: An Equinox Initiation into the Sacred Mysteries of the Southern Cross
2014 trip is completed for this year


Witness the mythic reality, transformational power and soul enriching magic of shamanic Peru.

This will be an extraordinary journey to the Amazon Rainforest, Machu Picchu, Cusco, Challwanka, Nazca with don Oscar Miro-Quesada, Peruvian kamasqa curandero and founder of The Heart of the Healer (THOTH) & author of Lessons In Courage: Peruvian Shamanic Wisdom for Everyday Life.

A love inspired family of Earth stewards dedicated to the spiritual awakening of perennial star wisdom upon Earth. In visionary embrace of the Above, with hearts attuned to the Below, aware of the ‘huchuy cruz’ residing Within, that is mirrored in the ‘hatun chakana’ residing Without, the Southern Cross becomes Self, as Self is manifest as World. This is the teaching of our Ancient ones, rediscovered through consecrated enactment of ritual, dance, song and unified celebration born in the realization of our cosmic origins. Hence we follow in the footsteps of earth  wisdom keepers and shamanic adepts from times forgotten.


Through our sacred experience of re-Membering, pristine universal sentience is awakened, new worlds revealed, and a sustainable human future made manifest. Consciously poetic in rendition, these words articulate the living soul that has inspired the design of this shamanic pilgrimage to Peru.

Our trips are open to all people of earnest desire to walk a path as spiritual pioneers of the prophesied Taripaypacha, or Era of Re-Encounter, this initiatory sojourn through the rainforest, highlands and coastal areas of Peru shall deepen the renewal of wholeness as our human birthright.

As we immerse ourselves in pilgrimage within these sacred landscapes the illuminating brilliance of the Southern Cross accompanies us, initiating us into its universal mysteries. This is our calling, our next evolutionary step as Pachamama’s children, emissaries of the light and love found mirrored within the beauty of Creation.