SIPAPU – a place of emergence

In the Madre de Dios region of the Amazon rainforest, imagine:
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Sipapu is our dream manifest – a sacred earth based community anchored in Love and reverence. It is a nexus, a portal allowing access to a universal forces, a ‘stargate’ for the human soul, a reality where our individual and collective thoughts and visionary imagination propel us forward in evolutionary resonance to serve the global spiritualization of humankind. Sipapu is YOU, and US, as Gaia!

sipapu-whites-1SIPAPU was born February 11, 2011, with the breaking of the ground accompanied by ceremony and prayer worldwide. It is now a beautiful Retreat Center, with a beautiful building which houses eight people with a kitchen and bathroom facilities in the heart of the beautiful Madre de Dios rainforest in Peru. If your heart beats to the rhythm of SIPAPU, volunteering and/or donation will support:

  • a caretaker’s salary to protect and nurture the land and buildings
  • construction of additional housing
  • development of eco-spiritual tourism trip offerings


The Vision of Sipapu is to regenerate earth-honoring communities by demonstrating ecological sustainability and cultivating the ceremonial arts of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition.


The Mission of Sipapu is to serve individuals and communities through educational and experiential residential experiences and field programs that nurture deep connections between earth, sacred community, and spiritual growth.

The Core Values of Sipapu are:



Service: Education in deep ecology, voluntary simplicity, and sustainable living; Focus on employing members of the local community and in sustainable use of bioregional resources; environmental conservation of biodiverse flora and fauna.

Innovation: Renewable energy – on-site well water, wind, solar, biomass, and human kinetic power. Integrative Bio-Energetic healing focused on a synergistic combination of East-West holistic medicine and indigenous South American shamanic practices; eco-friendly Agronomics based on nutrient replenishment strategies for diverse Amazon soil conditions.

Productivity: Sustainable EcoTourism providing unique personalized adventure and ecology programs, including field school immersion experiences; production of organic food, botanical remedies and stylistic clothing for local use as well as national and international export. Sale of Aboriginal Arts and Crafts from various regions of Peru with established parameters for social equity among producers, distributors, and receivers.

Advocacy: Cultural Identity by honoring indigenous traditional practices and language of Amazonian indigenous residents in the region. Economic Self-Reliance based on promotion of micro-finance credit opportunities related to local sustainably resourced business ventures. Locally Managed International Development by ensuring fair and just managerial representation and labor force employment of local indigenous populations.

IMG_2799Protection:  Sacred Lands and Tribal Peoples protection through effective use of communication, to raise global awareness of original peoples in the region, such as the Harkmbut, Ese Eja, and Mashco Piro, and the need to engage sustainably with their practices, life ways, and resources; endangered Species protection, including Amazonian Harpy Eagle and Ironwood Tree, by implementing some of the most enlightened regional proposals for saving species, such as those written by Antonio Fernandini Guerrero and Robin Van Loon. Purchase an additional 10,000 acres of rainforest specifically designed to maintain habitat for species on and adjacent to the La Torre land, creating a corridor of safety for animal and insect life. (There are currently five species of monkey on the land.) Safe Haven for human groupings in concert with conservation focused on establishing large-scale reforestation and selective bioregional permaculture food production.

Unification: Sacred Earth-Honoring Global Family emergence based on principles of permaculture, conscious and sacred interaction with land and its human, animal, plant, and insect residents to strengthen the emerging new paradigm for living within the Gaiasphere.


Featured videos, articles and images from Sipapu

NEW December 2014:
Latest Video from Sipapu

Submitted by Gloria Moldanado


Gloria visited Sipapu last December 2013 and shares her images, video and spirit with us. View here

“Night Stories: Journey to Sipapu”
Stories from the Sipapu Peru Stargate Activation

In July 2013, a group of travelers joined Oscar Miro-Quesada on a shamanic pilgrimage to Marcahuasi in the central Andean Highlands and to the Madre de Dios rainforest in southeasternPeru, for the ceremony of the Stargate Activation of Sipapu. In Hopi, the word Sipapu means “a place of emergence, and sometimes, return”. This land is a long held dream of don Oscar’s, a sacred earth-based community, and a self-sustaining retreat and ceremonial center.From this amazing journey and ceremonial event, one of the participants, Alfredo Winter, has woven a series of stories and experiences about the Stargate Activation at Sipapu.

Contributors include: Erica J. Alessio, Audrey Bennett, Caro Dellenbaugh, Portia Gassaway, Judy Hoaglund, Nina Keller, Bonnie Knezo, Cindy Miro-Quesada, Fred Rabidoux , Jennifer Schofield, Alfredo Winter, Jen Worthen, and Maria Elena Zuazo., Photography by Bonnie Knezo (unless otherwise noted)