By Jerry Sweeten

jerry-sweeten-150Instead of resolutions for 2015 there are things that are already working that I’m just gonna keep doin.

Be kind and gentle with myself. So many of my early beliefs on what it was to be a ‘good’ person were tied to very harsh systems of judgment. Choosing to be gentle with myself and others requires shedding the old systems and beliefs. So be it. Judgment drops with the knife.

Continue replacing the phrase ‘monkey mind’ with the ‘little I’. While the monkey mind phrase is descriptive, it seems to disrespect our close relatives. The little ‘I’ is a phrase that I use when the mind is serving the ego instead of the Higher Self.

Honor the ego. Ramakrishna’s story of the ego being the coach driver with the Higher Self as passenger. When the driver, the ego is listening to directions from the passenger the coach is going in directions that serve the Divine. The mind is in service of the Higher Self. When the mind serves the whims of the ego the coach races off to become the ‘little I’ instead of the ‘I AM’ of presence. So much of what I have heard labels and disrespects the ego. ‘Oh he is just in his ego…’ My ego is my interface of my humanity with the Divinity of the I AM. The coach needs, has to have a driver. If he is revered and respected, he is more apt to listen to the passenger. In time, more and more attuned to the inner voice.

Rededicate and commit to self-care. Care of emotional, physical, spiritual, mental and how I love. So much of my time and effort has been directed to pleasing, helping, and making others happy. I have gone to extraordinary lengths to make sure others were pleased and that they liked me. If you like me then I can like myself. My self-esteem has been connected to what another thought and believed. The resulting energetic codependency is addictive and dysfunctional.

The self-care has caused me to reevaluate many if not all relationships. Allowing myself the freedom to bring more life in is changing how I love and relate to those I care about, especially my children. This new growth is fragile and uncertain, but definitely is more expansive.

Daily practice feeds the horses or the coach won’t go anywhere. There is an allowing here that is a lot more like being than doing.

Much love to you all for the New Year.