On the Full Moon/Blood Moon/Lunar Eclipse:
In Healing Service to the Waters of the Gulf of Mexico

September 27, 2015
As told by:
Kimberly June, LCSW, LMT
Transformational Psychotherapist, CranioSacral Therapist, Shaman, Pachakuti Mesa Carrier
With Mona Rain, LMT
Shaman, Curandera, Chacaruna, Pachakuti Mesa Carrier, CranioSacral Therapist

Big-Cat-Habitat-Tiger-2015We Are Introduced

I was in Sarasota, FL participating in a “Big Cat” Cranio-Sacral Therapy Encounter and continuing education program. The name of the program was Eco-Somatics: Co-Healing with Nature, a perfect exploration for a student of Peruvian Shamanism in the tradition of the Pachakuti Mesa. The first day of the program, I encountered “Handsome”, a 4 year old male African Lion who lived at the Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary in Sarasota. I had the immediate recognition that this lion had been the one who had come to me in my dream time just six months prior, announcing that he was my animal ally of the East, Pana Kallpapaq. It was this very lion. I saw him lying in his enclosure, majestic and serene, and burst into tears of recognition. I never imagined that I would meet this dreamtime being in the flesh. Overcome with emotion, I found it difficult to speak and even breathe while sobbing with joy. I wondered aloud what he had done in my unconscious to draw me to this place, to the Gulf, to this program. There were larger forces at work than my needing to take a cool class near the beach, get continuing education credits, and quench my curiosity about using the elements of nature and the energy of rescued Big Cats in my work as a CranioSacral therapist. Hmmm, why was I really here?

I had already spent two days in class communing, blending energy, and journeying with my Lion, a couple of Tigers, and two Pumas, when I met with my PMT sister, Mona Rain on the night of the full moon. Mona and I had never met in person, but had communicated many times on our PMT Advanced Intensive 2014-2015 Facebook page. We set out in search of dinner at a Thai Restaurant, only to discover that it was closed. But just around the corner, we discovered, of all things, a little Peruvian restaurant. Please ponder, dear reader, how synchronistic it was, that we happened upon a tiny little Peruvian place on the outskirts of Sarasota while looking unsuccessfully for Thai food! It was at that moment, laughing and smiling about this synchronicity, that we encountered the beginning of the high magic that would soon follow.

Trusting Guidance (The Set-Up)

I had invited Mona to come meet me in Sarasota and do ceremony on the beach under the full moon and lunar eclipse. Patricia Cota Robles had written that this very auspicious full moon was synchronized with release of a Gamma X wave of energy from the galactic core, a black hole in the center of our galaxy, and captured that night in earth’s atmosphere. This Gamma X wave occurs only every 3600 years and the impact of its last release pre-dated any recorded human history. An auspicious timing, indeed! Mona initially thought the trip from Del Ray Beach too far for such a short turnaround in Sarasota, but then awoke the next morning, having received guidance to make the 3 1/2 hour trip each way, to meet me for the full moon/eclipse ceremony. She did not know why this was asked of her by Spirit, but knew it was of importance, and followed her guidance, to my great delight.

Mona is a keeper of a Crystal Fire Skull named Magma, which has been with her for many trips and ceremonies in Peru, and which has a special place on her Mesa. My friend and sacred sister in Pittsburgh, Victoria Hanchin, also a shaman and student of don Oscar Miro Quesada, is a keeper of a Crystal Water Skull, named Laughing Waters. I had had the privilege of sitting in ceremony with Laughing Waters many times in our sacred work with the waters of the three rivers that converge at ‘The Point” in Pittsburgh and the 4th underground, hidden river that flows below the city. I knew that Victoria was doing ceremony with Laughing Waters this very night in Pittsburgh, linking to us and our ceremony here in the Gulf.

We also knew that many of our PMT brothers and sisters around the world would be doing ceremony in their own way, at their own Mesas, this very special night. We had enlisted members of the Taurus Ceremony FB group; Steve Guetterman in Montana, Siobhan MacMahon in Louisiana, Samadhy Ruiz in Arizona, Eve-Estelle Boylan in Switzerland, and Annika Lidstrom in Sweden, to synchronize drumming with us and do whatever ceremony they were called to do that night. Mona and I noted with interest that Siobhan was drumming across the Gulf, near New Orleans, and that the position of Siobhan, Mama Killa, and us, made a triangle across the Gulf. In the Shamanic Cosmovision of don Oscar Miro Quesada, the triangle is a sacred geometric pattern, symbolic of Light and Illumined Mind.

Cleansing and Purification

As we were setting up our Mesas on the beach, the wind kept blowing out the candles, and then one big wave came and swallowed up the sand around Mona’s Mesa, covering Magma and her other Artes with water! She interpreted that as a sign that Mama Killa was wanting to bless her mesa with the Gulf’s water. I thought it also possible that Mama Killa was using the water of the Gulf to cool Magma’s fire! On a night such as this, the wind and water were perfectly, powerfully paired to put out fire! We had a good laugh, gave up the idea of burning candles, and moved a bit further away from the incoming tide. Mona and I did some drumming and rattling together, then chanted and activated our traveling Mesas just as the eclipse was beginning.

As the full moon slowly disappeared in the sky behind the shadow of Pacha Mama, we both fell into an altered state. Deeply listening to hear what kind of ceremony we were meant to do to assist the healing of the Gulf. I received guidance that we were to immerse our spines in the waters of the Gulf once the moon was completely darkened by the eclipse, and then Mona received clarification that we were to pour the waters of the Gulf over our heads and down our spines, just as was done at the ancient Incan Water—Amaru Temples in Peru. She was to do that for me, and I was to do that for her. At midnight, we stood knee deep in the Gulf and poured the water as cleansing, a purification and shedding of our Shadow selves, allowing them to slide off our bodies and into the waters. This was all in perfect timing for our course with don Oscar Miro Quesada, Path of the Universal Shaman Advanced Intensive 2015-2016 where we once again encounter Amaru, the power of Mama Killa to illumine our own “shadow selves”, and the shedding of that which no longer serves us, in our journeying and dreamtime.

Shivering and toweling off from the chill of the water, we thought our ceremony complete, so we packed up our Mesas and headed back to the car (about a half mile away). As we approached our vehicle, Mona realized that she had forgotten to pack her Artes- her Crystal Skulls, Crystal and Misarumi…They were still on the beach! We hurried back to the water’s edge, and again, the tide had come up and covered her Artes. Miraculously, the tide had left her two Crystal Skulls and her Misarumi, but had taken the crystal. We understood that for some reason, the waters of the Gulf needed the energies of the Artes on her Mesa. Our ceremony had used Fire and Water, opposing elements, the stuff of magic, of transmutation. Standing at the waters’ edge, we mused out loud how it could be possible that Mona would forget to pack up her Artes after our ceremony. We agreed there had to be a reason…and a meaning…for that forgetfulness. She had never before misplaced or forgotten her Artes! Perhaps she had simply forgotten to re-member! We both said out loud that Spirit must have wanted us to come back to the water’s edge for a reason, and that there was more to this than two middle-aged ladies with memory problems!


We were both looking out to sea, and a huge storm cloud, dark and misty and threatening was rolling in to shore, making an already dark night (remember, the moon is fully hidden in the eclipse) even darker. Mona sees a shadow out in the darkness…like an ominous fullness…in the clouds.

As we stood there, listening to the crashing surf and feeling the wind that had picked up in its intensity, Mona told me the story of her visit to Siesta Key Beach in 2009, when she was guided to walk all the way down to the end of the beach, to the point just beyond the horizon. At that point, she was guided to walk out at sunset into the waters up to waist height. She suddenly was told “Stop” and “Bend Over”. She bent over and reached down into the water, bringing up a small rock, which upon closer inspection the next day, was a piece of lava. Mona knew she was to take that lava stone to Peru with her, where she was co-leading a group of spiritual travelers on a pilgrimage to sacred sights. She just didn’t know why. Trusting the message that she would be given answers on her travels there, she carried the lava bundled in her mesa until it “called” to her. That moment came at the sacred site of Moray in the Sacred Valley, as whe was standing directly in its exact center. A jungle medicine man joined with her group, offering to gift each one of them a healing. Calling the travelers into the vortex at the site, he energetically cleansed each of them one by one. When it was Mona’s turn, she felt uncertainty with this stranger, and asked her Jaguar to protect her and keep her safe from any obtrusive energies. She also felt and sensed his jaguar ally stalking her, approaching closer and closer in a spiral fashion, until their energies melded. Having had a bad sore throat for over a week the Shaman reached for her throat, pulling out the energy blockage there. Her sore throat was instantly gone. In sacred Ayni, Mona was then guided to reach into her bag and hand him that piece of lava. The stone relative had “called”, and she knew, in that moment, that he was “meant to have it” and that he would “know what to do with it.”

I allowed the impact of this story to settle into me, imagining myself a fellow traveler on her journey in Peru, a place I have only yet experienced in my dreamtime. I cannot help but wonder about the significance and connection of that night in 2009, and this night, on this very beach, just six years later. My thoughts were called back to the ominous clouds above and around us. The fog and cloud cover had become so thick, we can could no longer find the ring of soft glow of the eclipsed moon above us. Mona suggested that we should gather up the light from all the PMT carriers’ Mesa’s all around the world, and offer that light to the darkness of the storming cloud cover. This felt completely right to me. As soon as I felt that “rightness”, something took over my body and lifted my right arm to the sky. For the next 10 minutes, I had no control over my own body…my arm was held in the air, my hand, gathering the light from all the directions. I was very large and very powerful, masculine. Then suddenly, my body moved into position to throw the light out into the darkness…as it did this, and the light was released from my hand and sent out across the Gulf, a loud scream erupted from my throat and I was cast down onto my knees in the sand. My hands sunk deep into its moist, gritty softness. As Mona attempted to help me up, she said, “Do you think this has anything to do with earthquakes and the fault line in the Gulf?” My knees buckled and again I was on the ground, without the ability to control the shaking that overtook me. I was having difficulty catching my breath, and I was aware that my body was now resonating with a TRUTH as it was being revealed to us in each passing moment. My physical body was being used as a conduit of Light into the fault line underneath the Gulf. Mona reached down to support me, her guides directing her to hold me strong, and to allow the energy to proceed uninterrupted. We continued this energetic light offering through my body into the fault line and up toward our sister Siobhan, drumming on the other side of the Gulf in Louisiana. All the while Mona held the connection with our other PMT brothers and sisters, seeing their Light in her Vista, enormously grateful for their presence. After several minutes, the energy dissipated and I again controlled my own body. Leaning on Mona’s arm, and grateful for her support, I rose to my feet.

The Magic of Fire and Water

We began to talk and, like putting the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle together, we began to understand what had just happened. It became clear that we were doing ceremony to mitigate and/or change the tectonic activity in the Gulf and prevent the major earthquake along the New Madrid Fault line that has been predicted/prophesied to happen there. This earthquake is prophesied to be so massive that it would split the eastern half of the United States from the western half of the United States along the Mississippi Valley, creating a mid-continental ocean and plunging the country into chaos. Our ceremony had somehow shifted the timeline of that probability.

Handsome-Sleeping-at-Big-Cat-Habitat-September-2015.1Once we began to grasp the enormous importance and potentiality of our beach ceremony, we began making our way back to the car. Halfway there, my body was again suddenly out of my control. I was pulled into a circling walk around Mona in a counter-clockwise direction and felt like a wild jaguar stalking my prey. Mona stopped, and could only stand there, facing in the direction of the full moon, trusting, knowing, that I had shapeshifted into that medicine man from 6 years ago, stalking her again. I was wild, primal, drunken with power. Mona heard his plea, his cry to her “Please take this back, it is too great for me to carry any longer!” I spiraled in towards her. Eyes that were not mine looked out at her. We studied each other for a brief moment that felt like an eternity. I suddenly reached out and grabbed the back of her neck with one hand, and palmed the other hand onto her forehead. Holding her forcefully, it was as if I was pushing something hard into her head. Mona ground her feet firmly into the sand, allowing this exchange to take place in another dimension of time and space. Being reassured by the Masters of Light that the ceremonial transmutation had already occurred at the waters just moments earlier, Mona allowed herself to become a hollow bone, for him to return the stone, and let it pass into her. She then bowed to this medicine man, thanking him for the enormous gift of holding the lava for all these years. As she bowed, I was returned, released, back to myself. And then I bowed, acknowledging his gift. I spoke the following words, like an oracle from another dimension, for the words and the voice did not at all feel like mine: “It is finished. It is finished. The Kali Yuga is over.” And then, for a time, there were no words exchanged, as we were both blank, a bit dazed, a bit confused: We were still hollow bones trying to reassemble ourselves back into this reality. Then slowly, the magic of what had just occurred, or perhaps a light descending, quickened and we began to take our old familiar form. Words and thoughts merged in our consciousness, just as the glow of Mama Killa began to reappear after the receding eclipse of Pacha Mama’s shadow.

In a few minutes we spoke. I told Mona that I felt like I had become possessed by a wild animal…a jaguar or a puma, perhaps. Mona related that it was exactly like that moment in Moray, Peru when she encountered the jungle Shaman. Mona then “saw” that the Shaman had shape-shifted, embodied me, and energetically returned that piece of lava back to her. As the keeper of the Crystal Fire Skull, it was only fitting that the Shaman had to place the energy of the lava inside her own skull!

We then both simultaneously understood that he had held that piece of lava until just the right time for us to enact the necessary ceremony on the Gulf that would allow us to shift the timeline of the New Madrid Fault Prophesy. Once that was done, he could safely return the lava to her. It was then that Mona called my attention to a low level rumbling and vibration, and thunder-like sounds out in the Gulf. We remarked that it was curious that with the thunder clouds, there was neither visible rain nor lightening. The rumbling sound grew in intensity over the next few minutes, and we both suddenly and urgently felt the need to get off the beach. We saw in our Vista, and felt in our bodies, that a quake was occurring out there and the roar we heard was a massive tsunami rolling in to shore, flooding the beach. Once reaching safety in the car and driving away, we realized that we were dancing between two realities, two timelines, and two probable realities, the one of the massive quake and tsunami which existed in the old timeline, and the new one created by the collective prayers and ceremonies of our PMT brother and sisters. This dance between two realities lasted for several hours before we were able to fall, exhausted into a deep, heavy sleep.

In the morning we rose and broke fast together. We had fully re-entered our world: Mine of resuming the Big Cat class before returning to Pittsburgh, and Mona’s of traveling home across Florida. We agreed we would meet again, in the not-too-distant future, to explore our next assignment in our sacred earth walk.


I am deeply grateful for Kat Perry and Integrative Intentions for developing the Eco-Somatics Cranio-Sacral Therapy programs, and for the love, compassion and commitment of the folks at Big Cat Habitat and Gulf Coast Sanctuary for rescuing these most magnificent animals and providing them with a forever home and life of dignity. I am grateful that I was able to be a hollow bone, in perfect timing, and tuned to the frequency of a “Big Cat”, to be of service to Pacha Mama, Humanity, and the Waters of the Gulf of Mexico.

I am grateful for don Oscar Miro Quesada, my teacher, “The Heart of the Healer”, and the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition, which inspires my love and commitment to Pacha Mama and all her creatures. I am grateful for the “light” generated by and gathered from our brothers and sisters of the PMT allyu all over the world. My beloved tribe.

I am so grateful that Mona Rain listened to her Guidance, and for the power of the Masters of Light that shine through her eyes. I am grateful that we were able to meet at this most auspicious of times, on the shores of the Gulf, where I first swam with wild dolphins over 25 years ago. Mona is an amazing woman, a powerful Shaman, healer, and a dear friend. I am grateful for that strange man, the Peruvian Shaman, who took away Mona’s sore throat, who so carefully guarded the lava, and then so brilliantly returned it, allowing us to make magic and collectively change the future.

Lastly, I am grateful to the Deep Mystery which holds me here in my ever-evolving earth walk, and which keeps guiding me to discover my true purpose in the Great Work.

Copyright 2105 by Kimberly June, LCSW, LMT
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