Wednesday Night Link Up

Each Wednesday night, Pachakuti Mesa carriers from all over the world gather together energetically to celebrate and strengthen our growing shamanic community. A Wednesday Link-up generally occurs between seven and ten pm and feature the Pachakuti Mesa of the host (or a communal mesa that represents the entire ayllu or community) as the anchor for the evening’s activities. It is helpful to bring a sacred item from your own mesa to include on the mesa to physically anchor your energetic participation.

The purpose of the Wednesday link-up is to link our mesas in order to add the intention of each of us to a single concentrated intention of global power for the cleansing and healing of Pachamama (Earth Mother) as well as the collective psyche. Link-up can be practiced individually, as we sit at our own Pachakuti Mesas, collectively, as described above, or by simply connecting our awareness and highest heart, wherever we are, at this sacred time.
~ the above is quoted from “Lessons in Courage: Peruvian Shamanism for Everyday Life” by don Oscar Miro-Quesada and Bonnie Glass-Coffin

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