Peruvian-Shamanism-bookIn the late 1990’s I embarked on the journey to put words to the beautiful lineage held by don Oscar Miro-Quesada. This journey established the trajectory of the next 20 years of my life, through continued studies and deepening experience in the heart, power, and wisdom of this ancient ceremonial tradition. I am excited to add more depth and breadth to the already rich content of “Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa“. I am reaching out to my community, and those who have benefitted from this work, to help keep this book about don Oscars’s wisdom tradition available for future generations, by raising $18,968.98.

  • Almost Out Of Print: The book “Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa” is about to go out of print. Unless the funds can be raised to make the revisions necessary to change publishers, the book will no longer be available.
  • Enhanced Edition: This fundraising effort will not only keep the book in print, but will help to expand the existing content to more deeply preserve the ancient wisdom of this tradition. Including: 2 new chapters, additional images, and an up to date glossary of pertinent Quechua terms.
  • Breakdown of Expenses: This amount covers the necessary supplies required to complete the project including: Software (Quark Xpress $849.00, Adobe Creative Suite CS6 $999.98), graphic design and typesetting fees, and up front printing costs ($4620.00 plus tax and shipping). The remaining funds will go toward covering the time necessary to reproduce an editable copy (which was lost when our dear sister Nina Murphy, our printing liaison, passed away). This amount also covers all revisions, new content and chapters, photography, and any other consulting fees necessary to bring the revised edition to fruition. Total Expenses will be $18,968.98. I am excited to bring the research and experience I have gathered over the last 20 years of practice to this new updated version of “Peruvian Shamanism: The Pachakuti Mesa.
  • If the goal is exceeded! Any additional funds generated will go toward the writing of a second, third, or fourth book. (Working titles: Living the Ceremony, Our Wild Nature and The Great Unlearning).

Please spread the word to help keep this ancient wisdom available for future generations by sharing this link:

In the deepest gratitude,
Matthew “Mateo” Magee