I awoke this morning feeling a great Love and Gratitude towards Pachamama, and as I do most mornings, filling my heart and sending out my Love.

I felt my Heart Center open more towards the world…and became a bit afraid because opening to people has so often caused me pain.

Then I heard a Message in a Voice that sounded like don Oscar. It was my Soul speaking to me in a voice of a person I greatly respect for his Wisdom so that I would *pay attention*.

“It is not your Heart opening to Others.
It is your Heart opening to your Soul”

And so it is.

As we grow our Souls, we tap into the depths of Wisdom it holds from past lives, experiences of our interactions in the Universe, and the vastness of Wiracocha’s Creation. Our pieces of Souls come back to us as we listen and reflect, bringing in the wholeness that we are. We heal and grow and expand in this life and our Love ripples into the many dimensions of the Seen and Unseen worlds, effecting Creations in a multitude of positive ways.

I am so grateful to being a part of this Community and for the Teachings from don Oscar, you, and our Sanctioned Teachers of the Pachakuti Mesa Tradition. There is constant weaving of Wisdom and Love and Healing.

Namaste ~
Miriam Hinkelman