Healing Fukushima: an Invitation for Sacred Engagement

Beloved Community:

fukushima_250We submit this ‘Letter of Sacred Engagement’ to you today in recognition of our collective power as catalysts for planetary healing and transformation.

In the past decade we have witnessed an escalation of humankind’s startling damage to our precious Earth Mother and the waters that sustain all life. The unfolding crisis at the critically damaged Fukushima* nuclear power plant is unique in modern history.  We see multiple reactors involved and hundreds of tons of spent nuclear fuel in a badly damaged facility.  This nuclear facility not only sits on the coastline, but also on an aquifer and a geological fault line.

The nature of this problem goes beyond social, political and ideological boundaries. We are at the precipice of irreversibly poisoning our entire planet with disease causing radioactive elements, riddling the oceans and food supply with problems and challenges, as well as escalating cancer and other radiation related conditions.  THIS is the world our children might inherit from us. And, indeed, it is our children who will suffer the worst effects from radiation exposure.

WataugaFalls-200We carry the unwavering belief in the potential for humankind to coexist in sacred reciprocity with all living things. Through sacred engagement, I know we can make a difference. We are asking that you devote all or a part of Wednesday night link-ups, or any prayer time you hold, to manifesting a swift resolution and healing for Fukushima*. Further, we are asking you to help by stepping-up, inviting new people and spreading the word.  There is no better way to galvanize and harness our co-creative human resourcefulness and establish the required Gaian template capable of inspiring global change.

With your engagement, we are going to be reaching out to dozens of spiritual, ecological and other groups to invite them to participate in their own ways. The goal is to have 100,000 people visualizing, praying and meditating every Wednesday night by the end of 2013. To accomplish this goal we will soon be reaching out to dozens of spiritual organizations and communities worldwide!

Your support makes a huge difference; please donate generously to support this and other important THOTH Alliance programs. 

Stay tuned… more information soon to come!  We will also be devoting part of our new website to this project. If you have any questions and/or ideas please feel free to reach out: jeff@heartofthehealer.org

In deep gratitude for your service,

Jeff Schmitt, PhD                                            don Oscar Miro-Quesada
Board Chair                                                           Founder
The Heart of the Healer Alliance

Artwork by Kara Brown Loves Art

Artwork by Kara Brown

Suggested Ideas for Ceremony 

First of all, trust your instincts and intuition as ceremonialists. What matters most is LOVE and HEALING INTENT. That said, here are a few simple ideas that have worked nicely for us:

  • Construct a ‘water offering’ made from natural environment-friendly materials that can be charged with prayer and intention and released into a river. Ideally, a river that flows into the ocean.
  • Collective visualization of successful repairs of the damaged Fukushima facility and/or visualization of radioactivity being removed from the natural environment.
  • Ritualized sending of healing energy and vital energy to those suffering in Japan.

*Fukushima image provide by Safecast Blog site http://blog.safecast.org/maps/ 
Their terms and conditions http://blog.safecast.org/terms-conditions/